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Dentists in India find link between obesity and tooth decay



Researchers in India are suggesting that they have discovered a strong link between childhood obesity and tooth decay. Dentists at the Dental Council of India (DCI) said that it would be working with the Union Ministry of Health in the country to try and combat the two problems together.

Obesity among children in India is on the rise and as a result the number of children with tooth decay has also risen sharply in recent years. DCI member Dr AK Chandna spoke to Indiatoday, saying that dentists in the country have been carrying out ‘major studies’ on the problem and the link between the two conditions, the results of which are currently being compiled. As well as poor diets leading to weigh gain and tooth decay, obese children are vulnerable to cavities due to ‘ineffective chewing’ resulting from a reduction in physical activity.

He added that the sugar intake of children in the age-group of 5-12 is very high, which is obviously linked to decay. He said that other countries, such as China, were already taking action with similar problems by limiting the sale of sugar to the general public. Dr Chandna added that the DCI is ‘working in this direction’ and was planning to ‘reach out to the health ministry for taking an appropriate step.’



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