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Botox miracle for a Cerebral Palsy sufferer


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Botox miracle for a Cerebral Palsy suffererA potential Botox miracle for a Cerebral Palsy sufferer has been reported this week in the Hartlepool Mail. Archie Garthwaite and his twin brother Harley were born prematurely back in 2012 and weighed a mere one and half pounds each. The pair needed life-saving surgery. Due to this, Archie was left with Cerebral Palsy.

Most people would associate Botox with anti-ageing and also, more recently, with treatment for migraines and other medical ailments. However, it is now reported that Botox could potentially help Archie to walk again. Archie’s mum, Hayley Kennedy, spoke about this potential new treatment. “We hope to have the Botox done at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, and it will see Botox injected into the muscles in his legs that are overworking. Once he has had that we can see if the SDR operation is needed, but if the Botox works and he can walk aided with a frame, that would be amazing.” It is also hoped that the NHS will fund the potentially life changing treatment.


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