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Tooth grinding ‘can ruin teeth’


Tooth grinding 'can ruin teeth'Grinding your teeth can result in the need for extensive cosmetic dentistry, if it is allowed to continue unchecked.

The Nassau Guardian reports the observations of dental practitioner Dr Gill Gibson-March, who has seen some patients continue grinding their teeth over a period of years.

In this situation, the nerves can draw away from the surface of the teeth, allowing grinding to continue indefinitely.

Dr Gibson tells the publication: “In some cases there are people who grind their teeth down so much over a long period of time, years even, that they get right down to their gums.”

At that point, full dental reconstruction may be required for the entire mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry practitioner Dr Sultan Sherzoy previously noted the impact that ignoring bleeding gums can have on an individual’s dental health.

Among the possible outcomes are worsening gum disease and destruction of tissue and potentially the jawbone as the disease progresses.


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