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Bad teeth ‘could stop people sleeping’


Sleep trouble could be down to bad teeth.

Having poor oral health could be a reason many people fail to get a good night’s sleep, it has been claimed. bad teeth

Cosmetic dentist Dr Thomas Connelly told the Huffington Post that people could be unaware of the fact they suffer from bruxism – otherwise known as teeth grinding – and this could be causing them to miss out on a key phase of the sleep cycle.

He commented: “Delta Phase sleep is the most restful, deepest phase of sleep. If you’re not getting some deep, restorative Delta Phase sleep every night, you’re going to feel tired and un-rested.”

Elsewhere, research carried out by George Huang, the Herbert Schilder chair in endodontics and director of the postdoctoral programme in endodontics at the School of Dental Medicine, has created a procedure which uses stem cells to regrow lost portions of teeth.

This could mean broken teeth will soon become a thing of the past.

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