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Water ‘a dentist’s best friend’


A dentist has advised patients to drink water.

People wishing to improve their oral health have been advised that drinking water after consuming highly acidic or sugary foods can help.

Kitchener dentist Harry Hoediono told the Record that water should be a key elements of every healthy diet, as not only does it help to keep the body hydrated, but it also washes away debris in the mouth and restores natural pH levels after eating and drinking.

He commented: “Water has no acid or sugars, unlike many sweetened or carbonated beverages, even natural fruit juices. Milk or unsweetened ice tea are also good choices.”

Elsewhere, research from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US recently showed that fluoridated tap water can help to strengthen tooth enamel and this in turn will help a person avoid tooth decay and pain from sensitive teeth.

Indeed, the report noted that fluoride helps to strengthen the whole of the tooth, providing added defence against oral illness.

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