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Studies show that Vitamin D could reduce tooth decay


Research published in the journal Nutrition Reviews has shown that Vitamin D could contribute to a 50% reduction in tooth decay. 3,000 children in several different countries were involved in trials that spanned the past nine decades; the results showed a significant drop in tooth decay in children who had their Vitamin D levels increased using supplements in their diet or through UV rays.

The countries involved were; Great Britain, Canada, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, and the United States. The research was carried out mainly in schools and dental practices and the children who took part were between the ages of two and sixteen – with most of them around ten years old.

Professor of medicine at the Boston University Medical Center, Dr Michael Hollick, said that the findings reinforced the importance of Vitamin D in diets to maintain good dental health. He also added that ‘Children who are Vitamin D deficient have poor and delayed teeth eruption and are prone to dental caries. Whether this is more than just a coincidence is open to debate.’

Dr Philippe Hujoel of the University of Washington explained that increasing Vitamin D intake just to be on the safe side wouldn’t do any harm, particularly with pregnant women and young mothers; he added ‘Vitamin D does lead to teeth and bones that are better mineralised.’

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