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One in four school children still suffer from tooth decay in the UK



According to new figures, although tooth decay in general is on the decline, a quarter of school children still develop cavities before they start primary school – this is a 20% drop since 2008 but it is still a high number for a condition that is preventable. The figures are based on over 100,000 children in the UK and they revealed that the children with the poorest levels of dental health reside in the North West of the country.

Public Health England (PHE), who released the figures, said that the drop in cases of tooth decay was ‘good news’ but that a quarter of school-age children developing decay is still too much. Dr Sandra White, director of dental public health at PHE, said that there is still a great deal of ‘inequality in dental health’ in different areas of the country.

Offering advice to parents of young children, Sandra said that ‘limiting sugary food and drink’ as well as encouraging children to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste would help to lower the instances of tooth decay even further. With better dental habits, Sandra added, parents can help prevent any problems with cavities and avoid unnecessary suffering for their children.



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