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Diet fads could be damaging to teeth


Juice cleanses and trendy diets could cause serious damage to dental health, according to a top dentist. Dr Sameer Patel, Clinical Director at a London dental practice has warned against following diet fads too closely and detailed the worst offenders for dental damage.

The juice cleanse, favoured by celebrities, is a diet that involves swapping meals for smoothies and juices; these products have a high acid content, which will wear away the enamel and lead to sensitivity in the teeth, as well as decay. Dr Patel spoke to the Daily Mail, saying ‘Fruit’s natural sugar, fructose, is a common cause of cavities as the bacteria in the mouth feed on it, so be careful when you do consume juice as part of a balanced diet.’ He advises drinking juice through a straw and waiting at least thirty minutes before brushing your teeth afterwards.

Another common problem with new diets, such as low-carb diet plans, is ketosis; this is a condition that is caused by the breakdown of fat in the body and results in bad breath. Dr Patel explains ‘Ketosis is brought on entirely by your diet and unfortunately no amount of flossing and brushing will combat the smell so think twice before cutting out carbs completely and stick to healthy ones… these will keep bad breath away whilst staying trim.’

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