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New tooth product could get same results as professional tooth whitening


Clinical tooth whitening can be an expensive business, so many people might be happy to learn that there is now a new product that could give the same results with a much smaller price tag. According to trials, 100 women tried Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Kit for ten days and found that their teeth became whiter by five shades or more.

The kit contains two serums and the three step treatments comprises of using the serums for thirty seconds each, one over the other. After twenty minutes the teeth are cleaned with water, before a special tooth paste is used to complete the treatment.

Pearl Drops consultant Dr Abeer Al-Adhami said that the bleaching agent in the product can break down intrinsic stains that have been absorbed into the tooth, whilst the toothpaste then gets rid of the surface stains. The process has to be repeated once a day for ten days in order to get the best results and Dr Al-Adhami said ‘Leaving it on for longer, or using it more than once a day, won’t make your teeth whiter, or speed up the process. There’s a maximum amount of oxidation that can happen within any 24-hour period.’

However, Dr Uchenna Okoye, clinical director of the London Smiling Dental Group provided a warning to patients about home whitening kits, saying; ‘Using the product for longer than the recommended time might damage the enamel of the teeth. …chlorine dioxide… [is] an effective whitening agent, but it is also very acidic. Thirty seconds may not be long enough to cause the damage but, without published data showing long-term effects, I’d be wary.’

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