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Man is left with throat injury after reaction to whitening strips


A man from Northamptonshire has been left with a hole in this throat after suffering a severe reaction to Crest Express whitening strips. Jake Barrett, a sales assistant from Rushton, developed a painful cyst under his tongue after he used the £65 product and finally admitted himself to A&E after six days of discomfort.

The 22-year-old had to endure three hours of treatment to drain the cyst through an incision in his throat, which has left a large hole. Jake said that the sac was about ‘the size of a grape’ and could have burst at any point, leaking poisonous hydrogen peroxide down his throat and into his stomach. He added ‘I wasn’t sure what the liquid was or why it had formed, but I assumed I would be ok and that the penicillin I was taking for something else would treat that too.’ However, it reached the point where he could ‘barely swallow’ and eventually he decided to go to hospital.

According to Jake, he was ‘so focused on getting a Hollywood smile’ that he didn’t stop to consider the damage or the risks of such a procedure. After recovering from his ordeal, he has recently had his teeth whitened by a dental professional at a cost of £100. Joking afterwards, Jake said that all he needs now to look like his idol Channing Tatum is a six-pack.

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