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General Dental Council advises against non-professionals whitening teeth


In the world of cosmetic dentistry, it is advisable to have a dental professional assess your teeth before going ahead with a whitening treatment – this is something the General Dental Council have been forced to reiterate after more people have had problems with procedures carried out by unqualified individuals. The GDC has issued a reminder to the public that it’s not a good idea to have their teeth bleached without a professional advising them on suitability first.

Only dentists, hygienists, and dental therapists working to a prescription are allowed to offer the treatment, but it seems there are still some people who are willing to provide it without registering first – the GDC has successfully prosecuted two such practitioners in the last year. To help consumers understand what the pitfalls could be, a guidance leaflet has been made available online and providers are being reminded of their responsibility with regards to proper, legal use of whitening products.

Although dental whitening is a relatively safe procedure, there can be complications if the teeth undergoing treatment are in an unhealthy state to begin with, and there is the possibility of injury if the provider does not have the necessary training. A statement from the GDC said that they ‘will continue to prosecute these cases’, whilst reminding the public to make them aware of ‘any concerns they may have that tooth whitening is being undertaken unlawfully.’

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