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Gangs arrested for counterfeit tooth whitening kits


Members of a gang suspected of selling counterfeit dental products have been arrested after raids in Merseyside led to the seizure of dozens of whitening products that contained high levels of hydrogen peroxide – which can cause health problems. Two men were held on suspicion of planning to sell the counterfeit merchandise at local markets and online, along with various other fake products and luxury fashion items.

Recently, cuts have been made to the level of hydrogen peroxide that can be used to whiten teeth, in order to make the treatment safer and reduce injuries to the teeth and soft tissue; counterfeit whitening kits are not likely to adhere to these standards. Fraudsters have jumped on the latest trends advertised by celebrities and started manufacturing the pirate products overseas, using substandard techniques and low quality – even dangerous – ingredients.

As well as the whitening kits, detectives discovered cosmetics, sunglasses, boots, handbags, and Liverpool Football Club merchandise at the Merseyside raid, where two men, aged 43 and 48 were arrested. Two shipping containers were found to be filled with the fake goods, along with unbranded electronic cigarette refills, which could pose a significant health risk to users. Detectives from the intellectual property crime unit coordinated the seizure, as part of the new countermeasures brought in to tackle the flood of counterfeit goods that enter Britain every year.

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