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Drinks to avoid for tooth whitening


Black coffee, tea and red wine are best avoided if people want to keep their teeth white.

Anyone who does not want to visit the dentist for tooth whitening treatments may want to take advice from one news provider on foods to try and stay away from.

The Hindustan Times reports that many drinks can lead to yellow, stained teeth and it is best to try and avoid them where possible.

For example, red wine creates rough spots that not only discolours them, but also causes stains to become deeper.

Similarly, black coffee is also described as a “deadly staining agent” and mild cups that have been diluted with milk can be much better.

The same applies to tea, while drinking through a straw could help to lessen any discolouration.

“Dark sodas, including diet, are harmful to teeth because of their sugar and phosphoric acid content,” the publication adds.

Some other top tips to keep teeth sparkling are to brush them twice a day and drink eight glasses of water every 24 hours, Irwin Smigel, creator of Supersmile, recently wrote on the Daily Beauty Reporter blog from Allure.

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