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Could hydrogen peroxide harm tooth enamel?


Hydrogen peroxide should be monitored for teeth whitening.

Individuals planning on having teeth whitening treatments carried out by a dental professionals have been reassured that the level of hydrogen peroxide found in such treatments will not harm their teeth.

A study carried out in the US has shown that the average levels of hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening treatments is 38 per cent and at this level, even after repeated procedures, the structure of the enamel of the tooth will be unaffected.

However, when used in higher concentrations, the study showed that hydrogen peroxide could in fact increase how porous the enamel is, which in turn could lead to an increased likelihood of decay or infection.

Elsewhere, the Dixie Sun recently reported that for individuals hoping to maintain a set of pearly whites, sometimes brushing alone will not achieve this.

The paper advised having regular check-ups in order to maintain good oral health, while ensuring a person is using the right toothpaste can also have a bearing on the colour of their teeth.

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