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Cheap tooth whitening could damage the teeth


According to a leading cosmetic dentist, cheap DIY whitening could be permanently damaging to teeth if the enamel is exposed too often; some products are so harsh that they strip away the enamel, leaving the teeth looking dull and brown.

Ken Harris, a leading cosmetic dentist spoke to mailonline about the problems associated with cheap whitening kits and warned that enamel does not grow back once it has worn away. Tooth whitening is an extremely popular procedure but with prices as high as £700, people are looking for ways to improve their teeth without spending too much money. Dr Harris said ‘People want white teeth and will move hell and high water in an attempt to get them.’

According to the dentist, kits sold in chemists are not likely to be dangerous as they are not lawfully allowed to include hydrogen peroxide, but they won’t be particularly effective either due to the lack of bleach. Some people choose to use home remedies to whiten their teeth, such as strawberries or lemon juice, but this can damage the enamel as the acid eats away at the tooth minerals – not to mention that it is not likely to whiten the enamel noticeably anyway.

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