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Big Brother contestant gets her smile whitened in Thailand


Former Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley is currently visiting Thailand to get surgical treatment on her breasts, but the 20-year-old has decided to make the most of her time in Bangkok by getting her teeth whitened as well.

After her stint in the famous house in 2014, Skye organised her cosmetic treatment and she was happy to show off the results of her dental work on Tuesday this week. Skye posted a photograph of herself sitting in the dentist’s chair with a huge grin on her face; she is joined by the dentist that performed her treatment. The Aussie reality star added the caption ‘Got my teeth whitened today by this babe! Such an amazing dentist.’ She also added that she would be happy to come back to the clinic to have her teeth whitened again, saying ‘Want to come back to him every time.’

Skye seems to be on the road to recovery after undergoing her cosmetic treatment and she has her smile back, thanks to her Bangkok dentist; although it wasn’t always smooth sailing as she complained of a lot of pain following her breast surgery, saying that it was the worst pain she has ever had.

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