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Singer gets orthodontic brace to treat spine problem


Singer with James, Tim Booth, has a dentist to thank for his recovery from a serious neck injury that caused him problems for several years. Booth injured his neck while on stage performing in the US in the late 90’s and had to get surgery; he had to wear a neck brace while top doctors tried to figure out what damage had been done and how it could be treated.

The singer told WENN that he was essentially ‘disabled’ for over two years and had to wear a neck brace on stage; he added that he ‘couldn’t carry a shopping bag.’ Booth ‘tried every specialist there was and nobody could fix it.’ Thankfully, he attended an appointment with a clever dentist who provided a brace for his jaw rather than his neck; this ‘changed the relationship’ between the spine and jaw, which cured the problem within a matter of hours. Booth said ‘I could do everything again. Remarkable work.’

The performer seemed very pleased with the results and said ‘it was the craziest thing. Now I can do anything again. I’m back to jumping into the audiences again and dancing like a lunatic.’ He added that his friends and family are incredulous when he tells them that a dentist rather than a doctor provided the breakthrough; ‘People can’t believe it. They’re like, ‘A dentist fixed your spine? You’re nuts.’

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