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Nicholas McDonald chooses Invisalign


Former ex Factor favourite, Nicholas McDonald, has one wish this Christmas, to have straighter teeth. The star has opted for the Invisalign brace system as a way of straightening his teeth in an easy and discreet way.

Nicholas was initially intending to have a traditional fixed brace but changed his mind due to the demands of his career. He felt that traditional methods may make it more difficult to sing as sometimes this kind of orthodontic work can cause a lisp in the early stages. Nicholas seems pleased with his clear retainer and joked that he felt like a boxer about to enter the ring.

The star has had a busy schedule in the run up to Christmas, which the Invisalign has not interfere with. This method allows him to remove the brace for up to two hours a day which allows him to eat and also sing unhindered.

Nicholas also toyed with the idea of a quick fix through dental veneers, however decided that Invisalign was a better option for him. The singer spoke to the Scottish Sun, “For Christmas, the teeth are getting done. I’m not getting veneers. I was going to get them. Vitality Edinburgh are doing the teeth and they are getting fixed. I just don’t like them.” His orthodontic work is due to be completed around May time, so it is a relatively quick turnaround to achieve a straight smile.




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