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Katie Holmes discusses new characters orthodontic appliance


Actress Katie Holmes has been talking about her new role on Showtime series Ray Donovan during an interview for Good Morning America. The 36-year-old was discussing her character Paige Finney and she responded to questions about her obvious orthodontic appliance; fans of the show were surprised to see Katie wearing metal ‘train tracks’ whilst in character but not during interviews. Twitter had even been using the hashtag #bracesgate after she was first spotted on the show with metal braces attached to her teeth, although the actress is not actually undergoing orthodontic treatment herself.

Holmes told the presenter that Paige has to wear braces because she suffers with medical problems; she said ‘Literally, the braces are because she has migraine headaches and that helps them.’ When asked about what this represents for the character, the actress surmised that it is to show that ‘Paige, while she does look like she has everything in order, she still is flawed.’ The braces are designed to show that the character is ‘not exactly what you see’ and has a ‘complicated’ personality.

As well as discussing her orthodontic work, the mother-of-one talked about the possibility of a reunion with fellow cast members from teen drama Dawson’s Creek, saying ‘I think we’d all have a really great time doing it.’


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