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Zoom teeth whitening gathers media attention


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Zoom teeth whitening gathers media attentionZoom teeth whitening gathers media attention this month and is fast becoming the seasons new must have. A white smile is so iconic as part of the fashion ‘must-haves’ that it has overtaken the little black dress. Teeth whitening is now the most requested cosmetic treatment on the market. It is rare that you see a celebrity on the red carpet without a white smile.

In an over-saturated market, it can be hard to know which will deliver the best results. However, Zoom whitening has been praised by the media for delivering instant results and is the perfect complement to your winter wardrobe. Zoom is an effective treatment for food and drink stains, as well as tobacco yellowing, tooth ageing, and some discolouration from medications.

The reason why Zoom is so effective is due to the way that the bleach is activated. This is achieved by using a LED light to help the bleach penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel. If you would like a whiter smile for the party season why not give Zoom a try yourself.


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Lindsay Lohan’s smile sparkles again after Zoom teeth whitening


After pictures recently surfaced in the press showing her stained, decaying teeth, it seems that Lindsay Lohan has decided to smarten up her image in the run up to her $1million Playboy photo shoot.

Lindsay was pictured at a red carpet event in LA at the beginning of October with brown stains on her teeth and dark areas that appeared to be decay setting in – although she didn’t seem too shy about displaying her smile to the waiting photographers. Showbiz websites were instantly rife with rumours about drug use and neglect, but Lindsay’s spokesperson was philosophical, saying that there are far too many serious problems in the world for reporters to be commenting on Lindsay’s teeth. Lindsay has just begun 400 hours of court mandated community service at an LA morgue.

With a fresh denial of drug use came a smile with a bit more sparkle, the Mean Girls actress underwent a Zoom! teeth whitening treatment that bleaches the stains and brightens dark enamel. Lindsay seemed to be delighted with the results, thanking Dr. Bill Dorfman – who appeared on popular US show Extreme Makeover – via her Twitter page, but complaining ‘My gums are so sore though!’

Although Lindsay’s keeping tight-lipped about any other procedures, there are those in the cosmetic dentistry world who are suggesting she has fixed her teeth with veneers or crowns, and not just a simple whitening treatment.

Zoom teeth whitening ‘is an amazing treatment’


People wanting brighter teeth could try Zoom teeth whitening.Zoom teeth whitening could be a great solution for people who have been experiencing problems with yellowing and discolouration.

This is the advice of the Daily Rosetta, which highlighted the treatment as being a quick, effective and more gentle form of whitening than dentists have been able to achieve in the past.

Dentist Dr Sherzoy told the publication: “[This] is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile.”

During Zoom whitening, your dentist will apply a gel to the teeth and use a Zoom light to brighten your smile in less than an hour.

Earlier this month, Perfect Wedding magazine suggested teeth whitening treatments should be an investment women make ahead of their wedding day so they can look their best in the photographs.

The article added that it was as important as looking after skincare, getting into shape and having bridal hair done.

Manchester dentists hold smile competition


Manchester dentists are looking for the person with the city’s best smile.

Dental professionals in Manchester are holding a competition to find the city’s best smile.

As part of National Smile Month, professionals in the area have launched the competition on Facebook and will accept entries until June 12th.

The winner will receive an array of prizes, including becoming the face of the competition next year.

“We are delighted to get involved in National Smile Month and to promote awareness around Manchester. Our whole careers as dentists pivot around good oral health which is an extremely important issue in society,” commented Dr Paul Tipton – a Manchester-based oral health professional.

Elsewhere, products such as Zoom teeth whitening and dental implants are being offered to individuals who cannot afford treatments as part of Smiles for Life.

The campaign is designed to help those who are less fortunate and has helped raise funds for treatments in countries around the globe.

Smiles for Life helps make cosmetic dentistry available


A worldwide group is helping put smiles on thefacesof the less fortunate. An initiative in the US is seeing donations being made to dental practices to help them carry out cosmetic dentistry procedures for those who cannot afford treatment. Products such as Zoom teeth whitening and dental implants are being handed out to needy recipients as part of the Smiles for Life programme, with celebrity dentist Dr Bill Dorfman – star of Extreme Makeover – backing the scheme.  Children not just in the US, but around the world, are benefiting from Smiles for Life, with hundreds of dental offices around the globe taking part and providing much-needed assistance to children, in particular from poorer backgrounds. Elsewhere, Daily Breaking News recently reported that anyone worried about the appearance of their smile has been reassured there are treatments available that can help them solve this problem. The publication noted that dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.

Zoom teeth whitening ‘has positive results’


People planning teeth whitening might like to consider Zoom.

Individuals looking for teeth whitening treatments that deliver positive results have been urged to choose Zoom teeth whitening products.

The Scotsman reported that not even years of drinking double espressos and having badly stained teeth are a match for Zoom teeth whitening when it comes to make pearly whites brighter.

Indeed, Cherrybank Dental Spa resident dentist Ian Ollerhead has claimed the treatment is remarkably effective.

Dr Ollerhead said: “Only 40 per cent of my patients have any pain, when it comes to Zoom.”

Elsewhere, people worried about damaging their teeth through the hydrogen peroxide (HP) found in many teeth whitening products have been reassured that as long as the treatment is carried out by a professional, they should be alright.

Indeed, the average concentration of HP in these treatments is 38 per cent and research has shown that should not harm the enamel in any way, WorlDental reported.

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