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Study shows white teeth are a sign of good health



It might seem obvious but scientists at the University of Leeds have been working hard to prove that having white teeth is a sign of good health and it makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. It seems that human teeth are used in the same way that peacock’s use their feathers in the animal kingdom, to advertise health and genetic superiority when finding a mate.

In a study carried out by both the University of Leeds and the University of Central Lancashire, computers were used to digitally change the colour and spacing of model’s teeth using three different shades – yellow/brown, healthy white, and startling white. The altered photographs were then shown to 150 men and women to see which were deemed the most attractive. Not surprisingly, the yellow teeth were not popular and also widely spaced teeth were found to be unattractive, but heavily bleached teeth were not found to be significantly more desirable than a natural shade of enamel – at least on women, anyway.

The research revealed that the condition of women’s teeth seemed to be more important when trying to find a partner. Psychologist at Leeds University, Colin Hendrie, said that teeth had quite a big effect on males when they were looking at females, ‘Males are thinking about attraction and females are in competition with each other’, he explains. It is believed that women’s teeth are an indication of their age and fertility, as well as giving some clues to diet, childhood illnesses and certain genetic disorders.

Cosmetic dentistry ‘can improve self-esteem’


Cosmetic dentistry 'can improve self-esteem'Individuals who seek cosmetic dentistry in a bid to improve their appearance could notice an improvement in their confidence levels, according to an expert.

Dr Pravesh Solanki from suggested that procedures such as dental veneers and teeth whitening could have a positive effect on a person's self-esteem.

The wide range of treatments offered to image-conscious people could resolve issues such as tooth decay or stained and yellow teeth caused by smoking, he added.

Dr Solanki's advice comes after Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts admitted she had undergone cosmetic dentistry in a bid to resolve insecurities about her smile.

Speaking to BBC Radio One DJ Scott Mills, the stunning redhead revealed she had wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth for a long time before investing in dental veneers.

"[People should] visit informational websites and educate themselves about the options available to them and then visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation to discuss their concerns and options," Dr Solanki added.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800614386-ADNFCR

‘Lemon detox’ could cause people to need cosmetic dentistry


Lemon juice in hot water could cause you to need cosmetic dentistry.Anyone who has heard that drinking a glass of hot lemon juice in water in the mornings could help them to detox has been warned that it could also cause them to need cosmetic dentistry.

It has been claimed that this mixture may help the liver to filter out toxins, assisting in weight loss.

Writing for the Mirror, Miriam Stoppard said not only is there no evidence that doing this helps the body, but it could also damage the teeth.

"The acid from the lemon causes enamel erosion while the hot water further intensifies the attack. Once the enamel has gone, it never grows back. One of the first signs is yellow teeth," she warned.

Treatment of enamel loss usually depends on the extent of the damage. If it is extensive, cosmetic dentistry is likely to be required to restore the previous appearance.

Porcelain dental veneers may be recommended where a number of teeth have been damaged.


Britons warned about dangerous cosmetic dentistry abroad


Brits have been warned about the dangers of cosmetic dentistry abroad.British people should think twice before seeking cosmetic dentistry abroad, as they could risk having permanent damage done to their teeth.

Although many practitioners in foreign countries offer services such as teeth whitening, many may not perform the correct procedures to ensure patients’ safety.

Consequently, those who opt for such services may find they end up needing reconstructive dentistry when they get home.

David Ross from the Hospital Group said: “What many people don’t realise is that some countries do not follow the same safety guidelines and practices that the UK does.”

Although he advised checking the credentials of the dentist before travelling, it may be more beneficial to look closer to home and opt for cosmetic dentistry in London.

Last month, Mintel said that nearly a third of men are concerned about having yellow teeth, which could result in an increase in demand for teeth whitening services in the UK.


Consumers warned over fraudulent teeth whitening services


People looking for teeth whitening services could be at risk if they do not use accredited providers.  Consumers have been warned to be careful of fraudulent teeth whitening service providers following a number of incidents in the US.

Tom Corrigan, a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau of Central North Carolina, told the News and Record he has seen a growing number of cases in which firms have tried to rip people off in recent months.

He warned that some firms may promise ridiculously cheap prices before going on to charge patients several times the amount quoted, or could hide fine print which forces them to pay more than they expected.

Mr Corrigan said people should beware of companies that change their names and recommended using only accredited providers for teeth whitening.

“The names change but the scam goes on,” he commented.

Earlier this month, Mintel revealed that almost a third of men are concerned about having yellow teeth, which could result in an increase in demand for teeth whitening services in the UK.


Teeth whitening more popular for men?


Many men are concerned about discoloured teeth, one survey has found. Tooth whitening might be necessary for men as they admit they are concerned about their appearance, according to a new survey.

The report by market research company Mintel revealed that nearly one-third are worried about having yellow teeth, the fifth most common beauty paranoia.

It is a problem that increases with age, with more than a quarter of all males over the age of 45 acknowledging they were unhappy with their looks.

Head of beauty research Vivienne Rudd explained that ageing and its associated physical changes can lead to mid-life crises, but many older gents are unlikely to believe beauty treatments will work.

“As the UK population ages, men will have to work into older age, bringing them into direct competition with younger colleagues. As a result, older people may feel the need to try to maintain appearance,” she said, adding that this would lead to an increase in sales of male grooming products.

Teeth whitening will not cause a complete colour change but will lighten the natural shade, according to the British Dental Health Foundation.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800013619-ADNFCR

Foods that can stain the teeth


Brits have been advised on some of the more unusual things that can stain teeth.

There are many foods and substances that can stain the teeth and New York dentist Dr Thomas Connelly has highlighted some of the worst offenders.

WCBS reported that Dr Connelly claimed cough syrup and chlorine from swimming pools can be particularly harmful to the teeth if they are not quickly washed away.

He stated that swimmers calculus is a particular problem, as this occurs when chlorine the water reacts with the tooth enamel causing a yellowing of teeth and dark stain discolouration.

“Lemonade, there’s some lemonade that’s made from straight lemons and sugars,” he said.

“There’s nothing worse for your teeth – straight acid and sugar.”

Elsewhere, C Health recently reported that many people falsely assume that stained teeth come about as a result of poor oral health and this is not always the case.

Indeed, the publication stated that smoking, bad diets and drinking large amounts of coffee or red wine are all high-risk behaviours for teeth staining.

Teeth whitening: The ultimate accessory


Having a bright and dazzling smile can be the ultimate accessory for women, it has been claimed, and teeth whitening procedures could be the best way to achieve this.

Dana Wilton wrote in an article for 3 News that teeth should be the same colour as a person’s eyes in order to achieve the best results, as overly-white teeth can look bad and in many ways are worse than having stained or yellow teeth.

"Fair skinned women especially benefit from teeth whitening as it provides contrast with their skin tone," Ms Wilton noted.

She added that having a bright smile can help to draw the eye away from any minor imperfections in a person’s skin, as a bright smile helps a person appear confident and youthful.

Elsewhere, the American Dentists Association recently revealed that undergoing teeth whitening treatments could help to boost a person’s self confidence.

The organisation noted that people could be happier if they do not have to worry about yellow or stained teeth.

Baking soda can ‘assist with teeth whitening’


Baking soda can 'assist with teeth whitening'Those looking at teeth whitening procedures can try several different methods at home.

This is according to an article on by Adrian Wozniak, who says that these offer different benefits and minimal side effects, the most of common of which is gum irritation.

While none of these are as effective as professional dental whitening, he says, paint or brush-on formulas can help, with these applied after a person brushes their teeth in the morning or evening.

"This will probably work on teeth that only need to be lightened a few shades," Mr Wozniak wrote.

"Very yellow teeth and teeth stained through use of medications like tetracycline are unlikely to respond to this method."

The dental expert also recommended whitening toothpaste, which he referred to as the "easiest way" to whiten your teeth while at home.

Individuals with yellow teeth, however, should opt for teeth whitening strips, which consist of plastic strips coated on one side by hydrogen peroxide.

Those wanting to guarantee pearly white teeth should consider visiting a cosmetic dentist, with this accepted as the most effective and safe teeth whitening method.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19382344-ADNFCR

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