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Competition winner gets chance to try Zoom teeth whitening


A competition to win free Zoom teeth whitening has been won by a 25-year-old.  The opportunity to try Zoom teeth whitening has been given to one lucky competition entrant, who won one free treatment using the revolutionary technology.

Richard Barrett-Constantinou, 25, entered a contest being run by Beam, reports.

The product validation engineer was picked at random from everyone who did the same and said on his entry form that he would love to see his smile become dazzling.

"My teeth have been tarnished over the years due to the cups of tea I drink … I would love to have my teeth whitened because I think it would be a much-needed boost to my confidence ," he added.

The lucky winner might find that he likes Zoom teeth whitening enough to have a repeat procedure.

According to World Dental last month, the popularity of the treatment is on the rise as more people try it and like the results enough to recommend it to a friend.


Zoom teeth whitening ‘on the rise’


More people are believed to be investing in Zoom teeth whitening.The popularity and success of Zoom teeth whitening is on the rise, as the dental treatment begins to win over even more patients.

World Dental reported that the process is being chosen by an increased number of people across the globe, many of whom desire the gleaming smile it can create.

Developed by Discuss Dental, the procedure is carried out by professional specialists and works to lighten the colour of digits within the mouth.

A frequent slot on TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, broadcast on US channel ABC, may also be working wonders when it comes to raising the profile of the treatment.

The powerful hydrogen peroxide-based tooth whitener used by experts during the method is the key to Zoom teeth whitening's success, the publication suggested.

Dr Anoop Maini, a member of the board of directors at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, recently said cosmetic dentistry is no longer reserved purely for the rich and famous and is now accessible to everybody.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800432653-ADNFCR

Invisalign braces ‘better for oral hygiene’


Invisalign braces are more hygienic than traditional teeth aligners, it has been claimed.People with Invisalign products do not have to worry about any food getting stuck in their braces.

This is according to World Dental, which claimed invisible braces of this kind have several advantages over traditional dental aligners.

As well as the obvious cosmetic benefits of the device, Invisalign can offer patients improved oral hygiene because the braces are removable.

This means they can be taken out before eating, thereby reducing the risk of food items becoming stuck and causing infections in the mouth.

The website pointed out that Invisalign braces are "not for everyone" and will be unsuitable for young children in the majority of cases, as the jaw and teeth must already be well developed for the device to be effective.

"However, they offer a great option for many adults and teens," it added.

Earlier this month, teen pop idol Justin Bieber revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that he has been using invisible braces to straighten his teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800430840-ADNFCR

Reasons for putting off dental implants may be unfounded


Some of the reasons people have for putting off having dental implants could be unfounded, an oral health magazine has suggested.Many of the reasons people put off having dental implants fitted may well be unfounded, according to one oral health magazine.

World Dental claimed there is no reason to distrust the procedure, as the surgery has a history stretching back more than 50 years.

With many people believing undergoing dental implant surgery could be painful, time-consuming and expensive, the publication explained that those who opt for the procedure will always be put under a local anaesthetic to ease the pain.

The surgery will only take up to 30 minutes and although not cheap, the implants can last up to ten years if properly looked after.

In addition, the publication said a mere two per cent of patients reject dental implants and this usually occurs only when they have a pre-existing metal allergy.

It added: "Modern skilled professionals can provide almost 100 per cent guarantee on the result."

Dr Amarik Singh, a dental implant doctor, recently told Health News that sophisticated tools and state-of-the-art computer imaging techniques mean the procedure can now be undertaken without the gums having to be cut open.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800417873-ADNFCR

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