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Tiger Woods gets his smile back after dental treatment


Tiger Woods set tongues wagging last week after he blamed an over-zealous cameraman for his dental trauma, but the star golfer has got his smile back now, thanks to a visit to the dentist. Woods was supporting his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the skiing World Cup in Italy when, according to his agent, his front tooth was knocked out during a media scrum as he tried to congratulate his partner on her victory.

Although speculation has been rife about the condition of the tooth in question, Woods is sticking to his story and he spoke after playing a practice round at TPC Scottsdale. The 39-year-old explained that ‘a dude with a video camera on his shoulder stood up and turned and caught me square on the mouth.’ He later added that his journey home was no fun thanks to the dental accident, saying ‘I couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, even breathing hurt.’

The golfer was also worried that his tooth damage stole the limelight from girlfriend Vonn, so he added that her World Cup victory should be the story, rather than his tooth getting knocked out. Woods added ‘I mean, every sport you get teeth knocked out, and unfortunately I wasn’t actually competing and got my teeth knocked out.’

Tiger Woods loses front tooth


Golf legend Tiger Woods has suffered a dental accident that has led to his front tooth being completely knocked out, apparently at the hands – or elbows – of an overzealous photographer or cameraman. The golfer was attending the skiing World Cup in Italy on Monday to support girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and he tried to hide the dental damage as he cheered his lady to her 63rd World Cup victory.

Tiger was photographed wearing a bandana over the lower half of his face but he couldn’t keep the damage a secret for long as he made his way through the throng to congratulate Ms Vonn on her win. Although previous pictures of the golfer are thought to have shown that the tooth was discoloured, a statement released by the stars agent maintained that it was an accident during a media scrum that lead to the injury.

Mark Steinberg said ‘During a crush of photographers at the awards’ podium at the World Cup event in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged towards the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth. Wood’s tooth was knocked out by the incident.’

Wood’s partner did not seem put off by the missing tooth and exclaimed ‘No way!’ when she saw the golfer, as she was lead to believe that he would not be able to attend the event.

Coleen Rooney has her toothbrush stolen on journey back from Brazil


Despite England’s poor performance in the World Cup, Coleen Rooney and her family didn’t seem to have a care in the world as they sunned themselves on the beach following the teams failure to qualify for the knock-out stages, but things have turned decidedly less sunny as the Rooney’s arrived in Las Vegas to find their luggage had been ‘ransacked’ during their journey – including the alleged theft of Coleen’s toothbrush.

The WAG tweeted her disgust after the incident, saying ‘Feel sick… just received my 4 cases 2 days late from BA Heathrow to Las Vegas. Opened them all and they have been completely ransacked.’ She later added ‘Bags, shoes, bikinis, clothes, toiletries, underwear, pj’s, make up, toiletries taken. Disgusting and the customer service getting is terrible.’

Unfortunately, the mother-of-three received little sympathy, with many followers suggesting that she can afford to replace the lost items, but Coleen was in no mood to deal with the replies cordially, saying ‘You can stick all the sarcastic comments about money. It’s not all about money it’s about people going through my personal stuff and taking stuff that I need for my holiday. They even took my toothbrush. Why??’

British Airways have started an investigation and have apologised but made no further comment on the incident so far.

Ronaldhino shows off results of £40,000 dental treatment


Footballer Ronaldhino was all smiles this week after revealing the results of the dental work that has reportedly cost him £40,000. The Atletico Mineiro player was famous for his crooked teeth and had previously said that he would not want to get any work done to improve them because their appearance made him look more individual. According to The Sun newspaper, Ronaldhino underwent the treatment in Belo Horizonte before showing off the perfect veneers on Brazilian TV.

Speaking about the improvements, Ronaldhino said ‘The best thing is that they have power to look in the mirror and make me feel good.’ Although he said in the past that he would not have dental treatment, he admitted recently that this was something he had always considered because the teeth were becoming more famous than his skills on the pitch. He told the TV show, ‘the teeth were always something I wanted.’

Still shots from the programme were quickly making the rounds on the internet, showing Ronaldhino displaying his brand new veneers in a wide grin, next to a picture of his previous dental condition. The player clearly had some porcelains fitted and gum surgery to reduce the gum tissue visible when he is smiling.

Although he might be pleased with his new teeth, the 33-year-old is currently struggling to win favour with international coach Luis Felipe Scolari ahead of next summer’s World Cup and looks unlikely to feature in the Brazilian squad.

Man left needing dental implants after drunken attack


Dental implants helped a man who became the victim of an attack.A court has heard how a man was left needing dental implants following an attack in a pub.

Stephen Johnson, 46, had been out in the Black Bull pub in Yarm to celebrate the England football team's World Cup win over Slovenia last year, the Gazette Live reports.

He had too much to drink and got involved in an altercation with 36-year-old Lee Driver.

Mr Johnson swung a punch at Mr Driver, knocking one tooth out and leaving another hanging by a thread. He also split the man's lip.

The victim had to have dental implants and a brace fitted after the attack and said he lost confidence in the aftermath of the incident.

Mr Johnson was ordered to do 150 hours' community service and pay £1,000 in compensation.

In cases such as this, dental implants may be the best solution as they are as strong as real teeth and will not click or move as dentures or bridges can.

Alex Ferguson compares the World Cup to emergency dentistry


Alex Ferguson likes the World Cup as much as he likes emergency dentistry.He is known for his reluctance to let Manchester United's top players go to World Cup tournaments lest they get injured, but Alex Ferguson has now said he finds watching the games about as enjoyable as getting emergency dentistry.

The Scot explained he much prefers the Champions League when it comes to a good game of football and insisted there has not been a great World Cup since Argentina hosted it in 1986.

"Have you seen the last six World Cups? It's like going to the dentist," he commented.

Given England's performance in this year's South African tournament – in which they were knocked out by Germany before even reaching the quarter-finals – manager Fabio Capello and most of the fans would surely agree that getting emergency dentistry would be preferable than watching a similar event again.

Ferguson is hoping to lead Manchester United to their fourth Champions League title this season.


Anastacia: I won’t give up botox


Anastacia: I won't give up botoxPop star Anastacia has told of how she regularly receives botox treatments to improve her appearance.

In an interview with Reveal magazine, the singer explained how the injections keep her hereditary wrinkled forehead at bay.

She said: “Without it, my frown scares me, let alone everyone else! It’s a family trait. So I prefer to get rid of it with botox in two places on my forehead.”

The 41-year-old described how she had been using the anti-ageing chemical frequently since 2003 and would consider further more invasive plastic surgery in the future.

Having battled breast cancer, Anastacia explained her self-confidence has taken a knock, but with the help of image-enhancing therapies she is getting back on track and is happy with the way she looks.

The artist, who sang I’m Outta Love, won an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Pop song in 2001 and her single Boom became the official World Cup 2002 theme song.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19889812-ADNFCR

World Cup widows ‘seek botox treatments’


World Cup widows 'seek botox treatments'Bookings for botox treatments have risen since the start of the World Cup, as women have makeovers while the men watch football, according to one plastic surgery company.

Cosmetic surgery specialists the Harley Medical Group reported an increase in appointments on Saturday coinciding with the start of England’s World Cup games.

Liz Dale, director of the group, said: “Women know they won’t be getting much attention from their husband or boyfriend while football is on – so this is the perfect feel-good factor treat.”

Women with spare time on their hands during the tournament are opting to have non-invasive procedures, as shown by the number of treatments rising by 25 per cent when England competed against the US, the organisation claimed.

US reality television star Kim Kardashian recently admitted to ABC News that she had tried botox treatments in the past to help her remain looking youthful and would consider plastic surgery in the future.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19838402-ADNFCR

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