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Ryan Reynolds surprises fan after she posted wisdom tooth video


Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has rewarded a Deadpool fan with tickets to the movies premiere in New York City after she posted a heartfelt video of herself post-dental surgery worrying about missing the new films release.

Mariah Boyle’s mother uploaded the video to Reynolds Facebook page after her daughter became upset after having her wisdom teeth removed under sedation and thought that she had already missed the new comic-book films release in cinemas. The young fan sobs inconsolably to the camera as she imagines she has already missed the film – which has not been released yet – coming onto the big screen, saying ‘Deadpool. I didn’t see Deadpool!’

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds saw the video and decided to offer his condolences with tickets to the movies premiere. He even took a picture of himself with cotton gauze in his mouth as he empathised with Mariah. He added a note to the selfie; ‘Am I the only one who thinks the tooth fairy is a giant… stalker? I mean seriously, who leaves two tickets to the Deadpool premiere under your pillow?’ He also added a comment about Mariah’s mother’s casserole, jokingly asking her to bring some to New York when they visit to see the film.


Jessie J complains about wisdom teeth


Pop singer Jessie J has had another blow to her health this week, as her wisdom teeth have come through with a vengeance. This is the latest in a list of medical problems she has suffered with in recent years, and she’s struggling to cope with the painful eruption of her new molars.

The 23-year-old has been told to avoid drinking alcohol because of an irregular heartbeat, and suffered a stroke when she was just 18. Her bad luck didn’t end there though, Jessie spent the summer hobbling around on crutches as a result of a broken foot – she gave most of her performances from a seat on stage. The surgical boot was only removed last month, so she didn’t get much respite before the pain from her wisdom teeth kicked in. Wisdom teeth can be notoriously troublesome, even if they erupt correctly, but if Jessie’s luck is anything to go by, we can expect them to be impacted and very problematic.

The Price-Tag singer moaned to her fans via Twitter about the pain in her teeth, saying ‘Wisdom teeth have decided to start coming though. Mouth is swollen… I am just going to ignore the fact that I’m growing fangs and carry on…’

Let’s hope they don’t cause any problems during the next few legs of her UK tour.

Wisdom teeth removal in Chichester


A woman has described her experience of having her wisdom teeth removed.

A woman in Chichester has highlighted the highs and lows of wisdom teeth removal.

Rosalyn Paynton told the Chichester Observer about how she had to have four of her wisdom teeth removed and the major concern she faced was that of the pain. However, this was not the biggest issue which she ultimately dealt with.

Ms Paynton told the publication: “What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact the medication would have such an effect on me. I couldn’t stay awake for more than two hours at a time. I know a girl also needs her beauty sleep, but it was becoming ridiculous.”

However, a few weeks after the completion of the procedure, she is now able to function normally once more and is looking forward to a pain-free future, without her wisdom teeth.

Closer to home, a new dental implant specialist is set to begin operating out of Augusta Dental Centre in Leamington.

Dr Sven Erik Steinborn is set to work alongside Harley Street cosmetic dentist Roy Dixon at the surgery.

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