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Rita Ora records video of herself after wisdom teeth removal


People are probably more familiar with Rita Ora looking glamorous when she appears on screen, but the singer has released a video proving that she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to dental treatment. Rita, 24, posted an Instagram video of herself following her wisdom teeth removal and it has quickly gone viral, showing the TV judge looking far less polished than normal.

Rita speaks to the camera after the operation and appears groggy after coming round from anaesthetic. The singer is shown sitting in a chair with a blanket draped over her; the camera-person tells her she doesn’t have to talk as Rita slurs her words and struggles to speak. Her friend reassures her, saying ‘I don’t know what you are saying, but that’s ok.’

After posting the amusing video on her Instagram account, Rita added the caption ‘So I just took my wisdom teeth out and I think what I’m trying to say is chickens… oh god watching this back I don’t remember anything!!!!!’ She also added ‘straight to bed for me.’

Twitter was instantly inundated with posts from fans and followers, complementing Rita on the cute video and asking if she is feeling better following her treatment.

Lily Allen experiences nasal problems after wisdom teeth removal


Lily Allen's wisdom teeth removal did not go as smoothly as she hoped.Lily Allen has said she experienced nasal problems after having all her wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic.

The singer went under the knife on Thursday (January 20th 2011) but found the operation did not go as smoothly as she hoped.

In news that may encourage people to seek out private emergency dentistry practitioners, Allen said on her Twitter page that she had a 16-hour nosebleed because of the oxygen tubes that were put up her nose to help her to breathe.

"Chapped lips, mouthful of blood. Not a great start to the weekend. Oh, and hamster cheeks doesn't even cover it," she commented.

Wisdom teeth removal is usually done under local anaesthesia, which should still completely block any pain from the gums. However, those who struggle with anxiety may be offered a sedative to help them relax.

A dentist will be able to explain the most appropriate form of treatment depending on individual circumstances.

Wisdom teeth removal in Chichester


A woman has described her experience of having her wisdom teeth removed.

A woman in Chichester has highlighted the highs and lows of wisdom teeth removal.

Rosalyn Paynton told the Chichester Observer about how she had to have four of her wisdom teeth removed and the major concern she faced was that of the pain. However, this was not the biggest issue which she ultimately dealt with.

Ms Paynton told the publication: “What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact the medication would have such an effect on me. I couldn’t stay awake for more than two hours at a time. I know a girl also needs her beauty sleep, but it was becoming ridiculous.”

However, a few weeks after the completion of the procedure, she is now able to function normally once more and is looking forward to a pain-free future, without her wisdom teeth.

Closer to home, a new dental implant specialist is set to begin operating out of Augusta Dental Centre in Leamington.

Dr Sven Erik Steinborn is set to work alongside Harley Street cosmetic dentist Roy Dixon at the surgery.

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