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Athletes screened for mouth cancer


Mouth cancer is being targeted by the 70-strong emergency dentistry team at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, who are encouraging athletes to apply sunscreen to their mouths.

The unique nature of the elements to which alpine athletes are exposed could see their need for emergency dentistry increased, with the high levels of ultraviolet light that they encounter raising their risk of developing oral cancers. mouth cancer

At the present Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, more athletes than ever are being examined to determine whether they exhibit any symptoms of mouth cancer.

More than 70 experts are on hand to provide emergency dentistry services to the athletes who need them, as well as planning to screen 800 participants for signs of mouth cancer.

This is an increase of 100 per cent over the number who were screened at the previous Winter Olympics in 2006, reports

Among the measures recommended to help maintain good oral health, athletes are encouraged to apply sunscreen to their mouths to help resist the ultraviolet radiation at high altitudes.

German luge participant David Moeller recently had to seek emergency dentistry treatment after posing with his silver medal between his teeth at the request of the press.

His newly won gong chipped a corner off his tooth – which Moeller quickly had repaired to restore his smile for subsequent photo opportunities.

Mouthguard ‘required when skiing/boarding’


Always wear a mouthguard when skiing or snowboarding, it has been urged.

Anyone watching the ongoing Winter Olympics and finding the urge to go skiing or snowboarding themselves has been urged to ensure they wear a mouthguard. emergency dentist

The Canadian Press reported the device can provide a high degree of protection and ensure a fall does not mean a hasty trip to the emergency dentist’s office.

Dr Don Friedlander, a member of the Canadian Dental Association, commented: “Most importantly with the young people [is] to get them used to wearing mouth guards and understanding that, you know what, their heroes wear them, it’s cool to wear one, it’s smart to wear one.”

The organisation noted that mouthguards can help to protect against potentially very serious injuries, as not only do they protect the teeth, but they stop the teeth from hurting the rest of the mouth during a fall.

Elsewhere, men’s Olympic luge silver medallist David Moeller recently broke a tooth after he bit down too hard on his medal during a photo op.

The 28-year-old German athlete bit off more than he could chew when photographers asked him to carry out the obligatory bite on his prize.

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