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Could gene research help prevent emergency dentistry?


Genes could be used to forecast possible decay and prevent emergency dentistry. Research into genes could help identify people who are more at risk of tooth decay and therefore prevent emergency dentistry, it has been suggested.

According to a study carried out by scientists at the Universities of Pittsburgh and Virginia, dental cavities – also referred to as caries – may be forecast by variations in the taste pathway genes TAS2R38, TAS1R2 and GNAT3.

William Giannobile, one of the authors of the research report, said it is significant that dentists may soon be able to identify people most at risk of caries and advise them before they develop.

“Although an early study, this breakthrough on taste pathways and genes demonstrates how patient preferences that are genetically predetermined may put patients at risk for disease,” he added.

Last month, Reader’s Digest urged people not to forget to floss, as it is an essential way of preventing emergency dentistry by removing bacteria between the teeth.


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