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Ronnie Wood ‘has had cosmetic dentistry’


Ronnie Wood 'has had cosmetic dentistry'Musician Ronnie Wood has admitted to undergoing cosmetic dentistry to brighten his smile.

The 63-year-old Rolling Stones band member revealed he opted for the treatment to give his teeth a youthful glow, the Guardian reports.

Admitting in an interview that he has had tooth veneers fitted, the bass player revealed the dentists had given him slightly stained fittings to give the teeth a natural look.

He said: "I had them done a few years ago; they trimmed the actual teeth down a bit and put these veneers on top."

The British rocker also revealed his Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards had used superglue to attach a veneer back to his tooth – which would not be recommended by dental experts.

An increasing number of men are choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry to improve their confidence through gaining whiter teeth.

Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise and David Beckham are just some of the celebrities rumoured to have had their teeth professionally whitened to improve their Hollywood smiles.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800512022-ADNFCR

Trading standards issues alert over teeth whitening products


Professional teeth whitening is better than being exposed to dangerous levels of bleach.  People considering teeth whitening treatment may be wise to visit a professional after trading standards officials in one part of the UK issued an alert over potentially dangerous products.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council discovered that some products being used in the area by beauticians and other healthcare practitioners contained a massive 360 times the permitted level of hydrogen peroxide.

The current legal limit is 0.1 per cent, but some tooth whitening products were made up of 36 per cent bleach, which could strip away tooth enamel and expose the sensitive dentine beneath.

East Riding council spokeswoman Jane Evison commented: "It is good news that more people are interested in taking greater care of the appearance of their teeth but whiter teeth should not be to the detriment of their health and wellbeing."

This comes after Midlands dentist Yusuf Kaderbhai warned Cosmetic Dentistry Guide that he has recently seen cases in which teenagers have used ash, baking soda and even household bleach to get whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening treatment ‘may result in better confidence’


Your self-esteem may be boosted by teeth whitening treatment.Having teeth whitening treatment could result in patients developing better self-confidence, it has been claimed.

An article in the Paducha Sun stated that whiter teeth are often associated with youth and beauty.

Consequently, people who have them are more likely to smile often and get a good response from both people they know and strangers.

This should lead to better self-esteem, the piece said.

However, it advised against opting for teeth whitening products seen on TV or the internet, as some can contain harmful levels of acid and bleach.

"Have a dentist check over your teeth prior to starting," the news provider recommended.

Last month, Miriam Stoppard told the Mirror that DIY kits could "permanently damage your teeth and even harm your long-term health" and also said it is wise to seek a professional to perform the procedure instead.

She pointed out that not only may they be dangerous, but they could even result in stains that are more serious than was the case before.

Teeth whitening may be quicker than you think


Patients can get whiter teeth in a lot less than a month.A dental expert has said that patients may be able to get whiter teeth more quickly than they think.

Martin G Goebbel, a dentist in the US, wrote an article in response to a reader query submitted to KRQE News, which asked if it is possible to achieve brighter-looking teeth in a month.

“You can have whiter teeth in about two hours with a chairside teeth whitening procedure if your teeth are in good shape,” he commented.

Dr Goebbel added that if they are not, patients could still get a better smile by having dental veneers fitted.

Patients may also be able to have teeth whitening treatment in less than two hours if they opt for a Zoom procedure.

Dentist Dr Sherzoy told the Daily Rosetta last month that Zoom teeth whitening is safe, gentle and quick, often taking less than one hour.

The process uses a special gel and a light to get the teeth looking a few shades brighter.

Teeth whitening ‘could help with career success’


Teeth whitening could affect career prospects.Teeth whitening treatment could help a person’s career prospects, according to a new survey.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) carried out a poll and found that 99.7 per cent of adults think a smile is a vital social asset.

While 96 per cent said they believe it can make a person more appealing to the opposite sex, 74 per cent opined that an imperfect smile could hinder someone’s chances of landing a good job.

When asked what they would most like to improve about their own smile, the majority of respondents said they would like whiter teeth.

The AACD said that although many DIY teeth whitening kits are available, treatments administered by a proper dentist remain the safest and most effective.

This follows a number of warnings about teeth whitening kits, with consumer organisation Which? recently saying they can cause burns to the mouth and damage to tooth enamel.

Harmful teeth whitening kits ‘are still available to public’


DIY teeth whitening kits might not be safe. The public should beware of harmful DIY teeth whitening kits which are still being sold on the internet.

Those hoping to get whiter teeth may be encouraged to see a professional after a report from Which? discovered that potentially dangerous products are being sold on eBay and Amazon, despite calls to remove them.

Some of the DIY kits were found to contain levels of hydrogen peroxide so high they could burn the mouth and damage the enamel on teeth, causing brown spots.

Which? found that one in ten users had experienced problems with this kind of product.

Peter Vicary-Smith, spokesperson for the body, said: “We have shared our findings with Trading Standards and will continue to urge online retailers to boycott such harmful products.”

This comes in the same month that US dentist Dr Jason McCargar said he has also seen a number of accidents involving DIY teeth whitening kits, with some patients inadvertently turning their gums white.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800036449-ADNFCR

DIY tooth whitening ‘could damage teeth’


DIY tooth whitening 'could damage teeth'People could be causing damage to their teeth by using home teeth-whitening products that are too harsh, an expert has claimed.

Dentist Dr Philip Stemmer tested a range of teeth-whitening equipment and found some cause for concern, the Daily Mail reports.

He said that while some products would do little more than help remove plaque, others, in their attempt to whiten your teeth, could in fact do more harm than good.

With more than 30 years of teeth-whitening experience, Dr Stemmer described how certain goods containing hydrogen peroxide could cause irritation to teeth, gums and the stomach lining if not applied correctly.

One kit available on the market contains pumice for scrubbing stains from teeth, although Dr Stemmer explained that this is too harsh for regular use.

Teeth whitening may be becoming increasingly popular among celebrities, with British socialite Peaches Geldof being the latest to be spotted with whiter teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19815064-ADNFCR

Teeth whitening ‘is age-defying’


Brits could look younger with whiter teeth.

Anyone hoping to make themselves look younger have been advised that having teeth whitening treatments could help them.

La Canada Online reported that while good dental care is essential for people to keep their teeth for as long as they can, there can often be room for improvement in terms of their appearance and this where teeth whitening can come in to play.

The site claimed that “maturity may cause teeth yellowing, greying or receding of gums” and that teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry techniques could be used to make a person’s smile appear more youthful.

Elsewhere, Dr Uchenna Okoye, clinical director of London Smiling, recently told the Times that people could attempt to hold back the years by investing in teeth whitening treatments.

She claimed that having a brighter smile can help people improve their confidence and feel better about themselves, which is something that teeth whitening can help to achieve.

Teeth whitening available at Birmingham airport


A teeth whitening centre has been set up at a UK airport.

People heading off on their holidays or getting back to the UK after a trip abroad can now have their teeth whitened at Birmingham airport.

The Smile Company has set up a clinic in the passenger lounge of the airport and will provide laser teeth whitening treatments to travellers hoping to boost the brightness of their smile.

Patients can book online in advance of their journey and the 20-minute laser teeth whitening treatment can be carried out while they are waiting to board their plane.

In addition to offering laser teeth whitening services, the clinic will also sell take-home teeth whitening kits to help people gain whiter teeth.

Elsewhere, KVAL News recently reported that Dr Dan Vodvarka, a practicing dental health professional in the US, has claimed people worried about the safety of take-home teeth whitening kits should rest easy, safe in the knowledge that as long as they are used correctly, they should be fine.

Dentists ‘match teeth colour after treatments’


LA dentists use teeth whitening and veneers to match a patients teeth after teatment.

Dentists in Los Angeles are making an extra effort to match the colour of teeth they work on for patients in a bid to make it appear they have not had any work done. zoom whitening

Mr Shahab Akhavan of ladentist.com claimed Zoom teeth whitening has become a popular treatment, as it allows patients to get a brighter smile without irritation to the gums.

He noted: “Therefore, you are now able to have brighter and whiter teeth without the uncomfortable feeling of having sore gums.”

Mr Akhavan added dental veneers are also often used, as they can cover any defects in teeth and be colour-matched more easily.

Elsewhere, a recent survey of 2,227 adults by Harris Interactive on behalf of RealSelf.com showed 54 per cent of US adults hope to have teeth whitening treatments next year.

It revealed the majority of Americans are in favour of achieving the Hollywood smile and teeth whitening could be the best way to do this.

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