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Trading standards issues alert over teeth whitening products


Professional teeth whitening is better than being exposed to dangerous levels of bleach.  People considering teeth whitening treatment may be wise to visit a professional after trading standards officials in one part of the UK issued an alert over potentially dangerous products.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council discovered that some products being used in the area by beauticians and other healthcare practitioners contained a massive 360 times the permitted level of hydrogen peroxide.

The current legal limit is 0.1 per cent, but some tooth whitening products were made up of 36 per cent bleach, which could strip away tooth enamel and expose the sensitive dentine beneath.

East Riding council spokeswoman Jane Evison commented: "It is good news that more people are interested in taking greater care of the appearance of their teeth but whiter teeth should not be to the detriment of their health and wellbeing."

This comes after Midlands dentist Yusuf Kaderbhai warned Cosmetic Dentistry Guide that he has recently seen cases in which teenagers have used ash, baking soda and even household bleach to get whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening may be quicker than you think


Patients can get whiter teeth in a lot less than a month.A dental expert has said that patients may be able to get whiter teeth more quickly than they think.

Martin G Goebbel, a dentist in the US, wrote an article in response to a reader query submitted to KRQE News, which asked if it is possible to achieve brighter-looking teeth in a month.

“You can have whiter teeth in about two hours with a chairside teeth whitening procedure if your teeth are in good shape,” he commented.

Dr Goebbel added that if they are not, patients could still get a better smile by having dental veneers fitted.

Patients may also be able to have teeth whitening treatment in less than two hours if they opt for a Zoom procedure.

Dentist Dr Sherzoy told the Daily Rosetta last month that Zoom teeth whitening is safe, gentle and quick, often taking less than one hour.

The process uses a special gel and a light to get the teeth looking a few shades brighter.

Teeth whitening ‘could help with career success’


Teeth whitening could affect career prospects.Teeth whitening treatment could help a person’s career prospects, according to a new survey.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) carried out a poll and found that 99.7 per cent of adults think a smile is a vital social asset.

While 96 per cent said they believe it can make a person more appealing to the opposite sex, 74 per cent opined that an imperfect smile could hinder someone’s chances of landing a good job.

When asked what they would most like to improve about their own smile, the majority of respondents said they would like whiter teeth.

The AACD said that although many DIY teeth whitening kits are available, treatments administered by a proper dentist remain the safest and most effective.

This follows a number of warnings about teeth whitening kits, with consumer organisation Which? recently saying they can cause burns to the mouth and damage to tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening ‘is age-defying’


Brits could look younger with whiter teeth.

Anyone hoping to make themselves look younger have been advised that having teeth whitening treatments could help them.

La Canada Online reported that while good dental care is essential for people to keep their teeth for as long as they can, there can often be room for improvement in terms of their appearance and this where teeth whitening can come in to play.

The site claimed that “maturity may cause teeth yellowing, greying or receding of gums” and that teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry techniques could be used to make a person’s smile appear more youthful.

Elsewhere, Dr Uchenna Okoye, clinical director of London Smiling, recently told the Times that people could attempt to hold back the years by investing in teeth whitening treatments.

She claimed that having a brighter smile can help people improve their confidence and feel better about themselves, which is something that teeth whitening can help to achieve.

Men urged to brush away stains


Men have been advised that having stains on their teeth could be prematurely aging them.

According to Models Direct, as teeth age they naturally discolour, but habits like smoking and drinking lots of coffee can speed up this process.

Therefore, by brushing regularly with a teeth whitening toothpaste or by having a teeth whitening procedure, UK men could roll back the years on how old they appear to be.

"Our teeth lose their pearly white colour as we age, so whiter teeth will make you appear younger … Just make sure they’re not so white that they look unnatural!" the agency stated.

The American Dentists Association recently noted people could improve their confidence by undergoing teeth whitening treatments to give themselves a more dazzling smile.

The association stated take home kits can be useful, but for a more permanent, professional finish, people are advised to visit their dentists to carry out the procedure.