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Professional whitening more effective than DIY kits



An increased demand for whiter teeth has seen people trying many different methods to achieve the perfect smile. Shop shelves are awash with bleaching kits, whitening strips, toothpastes, and LED light kits, all promising to give you brilliantly white teeth. However, having your teeth whitened professionally, by your dentist or other qualified practitioners, is still by far the best way of achieving favourable results.

The American Dental Association (ADA) have recently released statistics that show a rapid rise in teeth whitening over the past ten years, with it now being the most requested dental procedure bar none. The ADAalso say that people using do it yourself kits could be putting themselves at risk of issues such as hypersensitivity, gum irritation, uneven whitening,enamel damage or worse.

Home whitening kits can often contain chemicals and other ingredients that are extremely harmful to teeth, with some people having severe reactions to the products. It is also said that some shop bought kits contain abrasive ingredients that are intended to erase surface stains, but instead can result in a weakened tooth surface. As professional whitening is administered by trained dental staff, not only is it more effective, it is also markedly safer.




Ancient skull found with be-jewelled teeth in Mexico



A skull thought to be around 1600-years-old has been discovered in Mexico and rather than an ordinary set of white teeth scientists were surprised to discover that the skull had teeth decorated with jewels and even a prosthetic tooth made out of a green stone known as serpentine.

Archaeologists have determined that the skull belonged to an upper-class woman who was probably foreign to the region. The skeleton was discovered near the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, in a town called San Juan Evangelista. It is thought that the woman was between thirty-five and forty years old when she died. The female has been named ‘The Woman of Tlailotlacan’ and she has two round pyrite stones fixed to her two front teeth, another indication that she was not from this area. This practice is generally associated with Mayan regions in southern Mexico and Central America.

As well as the bejewelled teeth, the woman’s bones were intentionally deformed, a significant discovery which could point to human sacrifice, as similar skeletons were discovered in the area previously. The site is thought to be a burial ground for the Teotihuacan people who lived there between the first and eighth centuries before vanishing entirely.


Photographers catch a flash of Shane Warne’s bright white teeth


Over the past few years, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne has given his image a complete overhaul and the press have been there to catch the changes on camera practically as they happened; his latest improvement seems to be the blindingly white teeth that the photographers captured on film as the sportsman arrived at a friend’s apartment for a drink.

The 45-year-old was pictured arriving at socialite Brynne Edelsten’s apartment for a nightcap at 1am, and his bright white teeth were the stars of the show. Shane has been going all out for the Hollywood smile since his relationship with actress Elizabeth Hurley led to a makeover and he has been showing off his white teeth on social media sites recently, as well as spending a small fortune on his pearly whites, according to media sources. The former cricketer is said to have spent thousands of pounds whitening his teeth, with nothing but the best to get them as white as possible.

Shane might have looked fairly sheepish when arriving at the socialite’s home in the early hours, but he has not been shy about his love of dental whitening treatment, he said in a 2014 radio interview ‘I have had my teeth whitened, if that’s not a crime!’


Shane MacGowan gets new teeth; including a gold incisor


He has been living with tooth loss for decades, but now the Pogues front man Shane MacGowan has finally had restorative dental work done to replace his lost teeth; the singer destroyed his front teeth with drugs and alcohol over the years and had to get dental implants to replace them.

Shane, who celebrates his 58th birthday on Christmas day, has been able to eat an apple for the first time in three decades after undergoing six operations to repair the damage over the course of six months. Despite living without his teeth for many years, the singer did not think about doing anything drastic about the condition until his girlfriend of thirty years, Victoria Mary Clarke, suggested dental implants as a solution.

Rather than having a set of entirely white teeth, the singer has a single gold tooth over one incisor; as part of an overall design that has apparently been based on the teeth of actor Michael Fassbender. In order to get through the procedure, Shane hired a pranic healer, who provided a form of alternative medicine that was ‘better than any drug’ the singer has ever taken.

Shane’s journey to rebuild his broken smile will be chronicled in a new documentary entitled; Shane MacGowan; A Wreck Reborn, which airs on Sky Arts this week.


Cheap tooth whitening could damage the teeth


According to a leading cosmetic dentist, cheap DIY whitening could be permanently damaging to teeth if the enamel is exposed too often; some products are so harsh that they strip away the enamel, leaving the teeth looking dull and brown.

Ken Harris, a leading cosmetic dentist spoke to mailonline about the problems associated with cheap whitening kits and warned that enamel does not grow back once it has worn away. Tooth whitening is an extremely popular procedure but with prices as high as £700, people are looking for ways to improve their teeth without spending too much money. Dr Harris said ‘People want white teeth and will move hell and high water in an attempt to get them.’

According to the dentist, kits sold in chemists are not likely to be dangerous as they are not lawfully allowed to include hydrogen peroxide, but they won’t be particularly effective either due to the lack of bleach. Some people choose to use home remedies to whiten their teeth, such as strawberries or lemon juice, but this can damage the enamel as the acid eats away at the tooth minerals – not to mention that it is not likely to whiten the enamel noticeably anyway.

Australia’s Biggest Loser host visits the dentist to complete her transformation


Former host of Biggest Loser Australia, Ajay Rochester, has been working hard to transform her own body after presenting the show about weight loss, and the 45-year-old has decided to complete her makeover with a trip to the dentist for teeth whitening.

Ajay decided against healthy diet and exercise to lose weight and instead spent $50,000 on liposuction and skin removal at a Beverly Hills surgery. The aspiring actress then chose to finish the look with an improved set of pearly white teeth. Ajay posted a picture of herself in the dentist’s chair wearing a cheek retractor and protective glasses as she waited to begin the treatment – showing no signs of nerves about the upcoming procedure.

Ajay posted the picture on photo site Instagram on Thursday and added the caption ‘My total head to toe Hollywood Body Transformation begins today Starting with my smile.’

The former presenter has been working on her appearance for a long time and she has shared her experiences with fans through social networking, even posting a before and after picture in December, displaying her slimmer figure after undergoing surgery. She is also set to appear in a new web series called The Doll and she posted a video of her joking around backstage in LA.

Labour councillor Karen Danczuk shows off results of tooth whitening


She’s probably better known for her love of racy selfies but Labour councillor Karen Danczuk is also a fan of Hollywood smiles and she has posted the results of her latest cosmetic dental treatment online. The 31-year-old, who is married to 48-year-old Labour MP Simon Danczuk, added a picture before and after her whitening treatment and even uploaded a photo of herself with the dentist, Dr Favero, who carried out the procedure.

Mother-of-two Karen can be seen smiling for the camera before the whitening treatment and then again in the same pose afterwards, with noticeably whiter teeth. The Labour councillor was obviously pleased with the dramatic improvement as she smiled happily and added the caption ‘so happy with my white teeth! 20 mins and pain free.’

These new photos come just days after Mrs Danczuk posted videos of herself doing the splits in a bar on a night out with her friends. The Rochdale councillor has gained more than 34,000 followers online since uploading a steady stream of images last year and it seems as though she has started 2015 as she means to go on.

Kerry Katona takes her new husband for matching dental veneers


Newlyweds Kerry Katona and George Kay have just recently cemented their relationship with matching tattoos and now the pair have decided to get his and hers dental veneers. Kerry and her new husband headed to a London dental clinic to have the treatment done this week and they took it in turns to sit in the dentist’s chair while their veneers were fitted.

Kerry, 34, and George got married in September after two years together and the birth of daughter Dylan-Jorge, now seven months old.

The newlyweds seemed pleased with the results of their dental work and they could be seen examining their new teeth closely in a mirror. As they left the Harley Street Smile Clinic, they couldn’t hide their big smiles and showed off their bright white teeth for the waiting photographers.

After going through some relationship trouble recently, the pair seems to be back on track with their marriage; Kerry told OK! Magazine that she has ‘fallen in love with George all over again’ following a Caribbean honeymoon last month.

Food can be used to whiten tooth enamel


It might sound like a strange way to whiten your teeth but one Harley Street dentist is suggesting that the food you eat could actually improve the appearance of your teeth; Dr Anthony Zybutz, of the TDC Implant Centre, said there are some food products that can actively whiten the enamel.

Dr Zybutz said that the public’s desire for beautiful white teeth is nothing new, with some whitening practices going back as far as ancient Egypt. He explains that ‘there were no whitening gels or bleaches during the time of the Egyptians’ so the people used to turn to diet in order to get rid of stains. Dr Zybutz said the pharaohs ‘combined ground pumice stone with vinegar to create a paste in an effort to restore the natural colour.’

Modern man might employ a whitening treatment before considering general diet, but Dr Zybutz added that there are certain foods that could scrub teeth clean and even rinse the enamel naturally while you are chewing. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, and celery, act like a toothbrush when they are being chewed and could scrub stains away, and even cheese can prevent plaque from building up on the teeth. Avoiding products that can stain the teeth should be obvious, as Dr Zybutz advises ‘if it would stain your shirt, it will do the same to your teeth.’ 

Good teeth could help with social success


A top social scientist has claimed that our standing in society depends not on how intelligent or driven we are, but on the state of our teeth. Malcom Gladwell, author of David and Goliath, says that teeth are becoming the new benchmark for success, due to the fact that people with bad teeth are more likely to be turned down for ‘entry-level’ jobs thanks to their dental condition.

Speaking to The Times, Gladwell explained ‘that’s kind of the way we’re moving as the gap between the fit and the unfit grows. The teeth thing and the obesity problems are the same; they are symptoms of the same set of inferences that are being drawn.’ He added that ‘I think those kinds of physical characteristics – that’s completely the next wave of discrimination.’

A poll carried out by VisionCritical also found that people associate white teeth with wealth and status; the results showed that people with white teeth were considered to earn £10,000 more than they actually did on average. Healthy, attractive teeth could also make people look up to five years younger than their age and improve their employment potential by ten percent.

Eddie Crouch, of the British Dental Association, also told the paper that there is a noticeable gap between middle-class teenagers and those from deprived areas when it comes to orthodontic treatment. He explained that ‘Huge numbers of those kids that are referred to us from socially-deprived areas can’t have the treatment they need because their overall standard of dental health is too poor.’

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