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Woman is left scarred after faulty dentist’s drill overheated


A woman from the West Midlands has been left with a facial scar after a faulty dentist’s drill overheated and burned her lip. Jade Blinco, 24, claims she looks ‘like a monster’ and has had to leave her job at a nursery because she was scaring the children. Jade, an aspiring model, was at the hospital to have two wisdom teeth removed when the accident occurred and left her with a permanent scar.

Miss Blinco, from Bilston in the West Midlands, described the last three years as ‘horrendous’ and said that she has struggled to ‘come to terms with living with the horrific injury and scar’ that she has been left with. After she was put under general anaesthetic for the operation, she later woke up in ‘excruciating pain’ but was quickly put back to sleep using morphine without any explanation being provided. Jade later lamented that no modelling agencies would be interested in hiring her with a facial scar.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust has admitted that the injury should not have happened and compensation is being arranged out of court. A spokesman said ‘We are very sorry for the distress experienced by Miss Blinco. We apologised immediately after the incident in person and subsequently in writing to her… Since the incident we have changed all of our hand pieces ensuring that this issue will not occur again.’

300% rise in children with tooth decay in the West Midlands


Figures released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre have been garnering media attention over the past week, and now dentists in the West Midlands are searching for answers to what is claimed to be a 300% increase in cases of hospital stays for children with tooth decay.

Dr Nigel Carter, of the British Dental Health Foundation, has been vocal about the causes of this problem and he says that the statistics ‘beggared belief’. According to the figures, there were 456 children under the age of ten from the West Midlands area who were admitted to hospital with tooth decay over the period 2010-2011, whereas 2013-2014 saw that number rise to a shocking 1,444. Dr Carter, who practices in the area, said that the increase was ‘absolutely incredible and is indicative of a massive failure in parenting.’

Further statistics revealed that during 2010-2011, 120 under-fours from the West Midlands were admitted for dental surgery, but last year this almost trebled to 353.

One theory as to what is causing this sudden increase is the rise in immigration from people from Eastern Europe, who are bringing their families to the UK to take advantage of NHS facilities and dental treatments that they cannot afford in their home countries.

Study reveals that people in the West Midlands have worst levels of oral hygiene


According to new research carried out by Colgate Total Pro Gum Health, people in the West Midlands are the worst in the UK when it comes to looking after their teeth. The results showed that 50% of people in this area clean their teeth once a day or less – with 9% admitting that they didn’t bother to pick up a toothbrush in twenty-four hours sometimes.

The next worst are Londoners, closely followed by people in the North East. Experts recommend brushing twice a day for at least two minutes; those that don’t are leaving themselves open to tooth decay and gum disease.

The study also revealed that the healthiest region was the South East, where 77% of residents brush twice a day or more – this was only marginally ahead of Yorkshire, where 76% of people clean their teeth at least twice a day.

Dentist Richard Guyver – who founded the Diabetes and Dentistry Organisation – described these statistics as ‘worrying and quite surprising’ given that dental hygiene products are easily available in the UK. He said ‘It is also not particularly expensive or time consuming to care for your teeth, especially when compared to the cost of fixing any problems later on’ adding that ‘The recommendation is to brush twice a day at least, but ideally after every meal. That cannot always happen, for instance if you are at work, but brushing twice a day is really important.’

Dental implant course sees registration numbers treble


Dental implant provider Dentale has reported a significant rise in the number of people applying for a place on one of their courses. The company provides training for dentists and dental students in clinics throughout the South West of England and the West Midlands.
Implantology is a skilled and technical process that rebuilds a natural looking tooth from a titanium dental implant that is fixed into the jawbone. As this treatment has taken off in the dental world, it seems there are more healthcare professional looking to become an expert in the field. The number of dentists who have registered for a course at Dentale has risen by a staggering 257% from last year, boosting the firm’s turnover by an impressive 115%.

The most popular course is the five-day Introduction to Implant Dentistry, followed closely by the interactive ten-day Advanced Practical Implantology. Dentale provide numerous other dentistry courses, focusing on a variety of techniques and treatments, they also offer training for dental nurses in basic and advanced implantology.

Dentale group Manger, Debbie Snelson, commented that the courses were very hands-on and gave practicing dentists a chance to get experience of new surgical procedures, she said ‘Unlike other implantology training courses, dentists are guaranteed to work on patients from initial diagnosis, right through to implant placement and restoration. For concise, relevant professional instruction and the invaluable hands-on surgical experience which this course gives, it really is a must for any dentist wishing to start placing implants successfully and safely.’

Fraud cases remind patients to seek reputable cosmetic dentistry providers


Two men have been jailed for fraudulent cosmetic dentistry.Two new cases of fraud could prompt patients on the lookout for cosmetic dentistry treatment to ensure they seek the advice of a reputable practitioner.

Jaspal Singh Bachada and Ikhlaq Hussain from the West Midlands have both been found guilty of cheating patients out of thousands of pounds by pretending to be qualified private dentists when they were not.

The co-conspirators had also conned their bosses after fraudulently processing payments for dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Both were arrested after being caught trying to dispose of a van-load of patient records from the scam, which lasted two years.

Last week, Vinisha Sharma, 37, was told she is likely to face jail after working as a dentist for nine years despite having no qualifications.

She forged paperwork and got a series of jobs in top positions, resulting in her performing many complex procedures that could have endangered her patients.


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