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David Arquette shows off new dental bling


Actor David Arquette is known for his quirky style and he has now set his sights on a blinging smile; the 43-year-old was pictured in West Hollywood this week with brand new front teeth made from gold.

The gold crowns are only temporary after the father-of-two suffered repeated dental injuries to his natural teeth and had to undergo treatment. David explained that he was ‘breaking’ and ‘cracking’ his real teeth and said ‘I go through them [teeth] like crazy.’ After seeking dental treatment, the actor explained that he asked the dentist how to solve this problem; he was told ‘Well, we can put gold on for a little while’ and he decided to go for it.

Explaining his decision, David said that he thought ‘Boom! Are you kidding?’ before going ahead with the treatment. Not only are his new golden teeth fairly noticeable, David’s denture is also customised with his own initials. He joked ‘You gotta personalise it, hip-hop style.’

Real Housewives star overdoes the Botox look


When used correctly, Botox can effectively – and discreetly – smooth out unsightly wrinkles that make the skin look aged, however, reality star Taylor Armstrong seems to have overlooked that point and now it’s anyone’s guess whether she’s smiling or grimacing. Spotted outside a restaurant in West Hollywood last week, the 38-year-old displayed an incredibly smooth complexion, which gave little away about how she was feeling on the inside as her face looked frozen and emotionless.

Taylor has been open about her use of the anti-aging drug Botox and also dermal fillers, but many people on the set of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feel she might have overdone it this time in preparation for filming the new season. It’s thought that the shows main protagonist is trying to make herself look younger for the close ups and to keep up with her fellow ‘housewives’, she told RumorFix earlier this year; ‘I have my original nose and my original cheek bones. I do get filler and Botox maintenance, but it’s definitely not surgery. We are certainly not a big plastic surgery cast.’

Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer spoke to about the mother-of-one, saying ‘It looks like Taylor Armstrong maintains her beautiful looks with a little help from Botox to her forehead and around her eyes and dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to give her those plump lips and full cheeks.’

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