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Foods that can stain the teeth


Brits have been advised on some of the more unusual things that can stain teeth.

There are many foods and substances that can stain the teeth and New York dentist Dr Thomas Connelly has highlighted some of the worst offenders.

WCBS reported that Dr Connelly claimed cough syrup and chlorine from swimming pools can be particularly harmful to the teeth if they are not quickly washed away.

He stated that swimmers calculus is a particular problem, as this occurs when chlorine the water reacts with the tooth enamel causing a yellowing of teeth and dark stain discolouration.

“Lemonade, there’s some lemonade that’s made from straight lemons and sugars,” he said.

“There’s nothing worse for your teeth – straight acid and sugar.”

Elsewhere, C Health recently reported that many people falsely assume that stained teeth come about as a result of poor oral health and this is not always the case.

Indeed, the publication stated that smoking, bad diets and drinking large amounts of coffee or red wine are all high-risk behaviours for teeth staining.

Bad habits ‘harm dental health’


Brits have been warned there are a number of seemingly innocuous habits that can cause serious damage to their teeth and could result in a trip to the emergency dentists.

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported people should refrain from brushing their teeth more than three times a day, as this can weaken the enamel and remove bacteria needed to keep the mouth healthy.

In addition, Brits are advised not to brush their teeth directly before or just after eating, as at these times changes in pH in the mouth caused by eating can damage teeth and normal levels of saliva are needed to help form a barrier to erosion.

Elsewhere, cosmetic dentist Elisa Mello recently told WCBS that anyone suffering from bad breath can easily tackle the problem by ensuring they remain well hydrated and brush their teeth regularly.

She noted that halitosis problems often arise when one type of bacteria becomes dominant in the mouth – as in a normal mouth there will be a range of different bacteria all working to help break down the food we eat.

Bad breath ‘can be tackled’


Anyone who suffers from halitosis should not fret as there are a number of ways to tackle the problem, it has been argued.

Cosmetic dentist Elisa Mello told WCBS there are a number of remedies which people can take up to tackle bad breath.

"We all have bacteria in our mouth. The problem is that when one bacteria or a few of different strains become more dominant, they can cause decay in you mouth," she said.

Therefore, Dr Mello noted that making sure a person stays well hydrated is key as this enables enough saliva to be produced in the mouth. Also, chewing gum could be beneficial as this too promotes saliva production.

Elsewhere, AsiaOne recently reported that Brits should brush their teeth regularly to ensure they maintain a good standard of oral health throughout their lives.

Dr Chung Kong Mun, president of the Society of Periodontology, noted regular check-ups and setting up an oral health profile with a dental professional are also recommended for healthy teeth and gums.

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