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Benefits of Invisalign braces ‘are making them appealing to adults’


Comfort and invisibility are prompting adults to choose Invisalign braces. The benefits offered by Invisalign braces are making them appealing to adults who are unhappy with their smile.

This is according to orthodontist Alan Bagden, who told the Washington Post half of his patients are now adults, up from 40 per cent ten years ago.

He explained that the braces are almost imperceptible and much more comfortable than old-style metal varieties, meaning that people who may never have considered smile realignment are now doing so, including women aged 40 to 55.

"A segment of that age group are [mothers] of patients who have wanted orthodontics all their lives and once the kids are done decide to do it themselves," the expert added.

Mr Bagden highlighted how technology has changed, with realignment now plotted on a screen instead of being based around tightening elastic bands as far as they would go.

Dr Darren Dickson from Plano in Texas also recently lauded Invisalign braces, saying they prevent the need for extensive follow-up appointments.

Botox ‘helps Parkinson’s sufferers’


Parkinson’s sufferers could benefit from Botox treatments.

Botox treatments could be beneficial to sufferers of Parkinson’s disease

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre (MAPC) at Barrow Neurological Institute is pioneering the use of Botox injections to help Parkinson’s sufferers control their symptoms.

Patients suffer from bouts of muscle rigidity and tremors and the drug is being used to help alleviate these problems, as it is a natural paralysing agent.

“Every patient receives Botox differently in different muscles, in different locations and in different dosages, so experience with the drug and the disease is crucial,” commented Guillermo Moguel-Cobos, movement disorder neurologist at MAPC.

Elsewhere, the Washington Post recently reported that Botox has many uses and can be used in the treatment of a range of ailments, from migraines to bladder problems or profuse sweating.

Indeed, the publication claimed that back pain can also be eased through the treatment, as can oesophageal spasms and hand tremors.

Botox ‘cheaper than a face lift’


Cosmetic surgery can be expensive compared to Botox.

People wishing to look youthful but without the pain and cost of cosmetic surgery have been advised that Botox injections could be the best solution.

Harry Heiti wrote in a blog post for Official Spin that Botox can provide instant results and does not lead to scarring, as facelifts often do.

Indeed, the process of Botox treatment is much faster than a facelift, as in many cases it can be carried out in under an hour. It also does not require anaesthesia and is a much less risky procedure.

It also provides targeted results that can tackle specific areas and wrinkles.

One drawback of the treatment, however, is that it is not a permanent solution, but the effects of injections can often last up to six months or beyond.

Elsewhere, the Washington Post recently reported Botox injections could have a range of treatment possibilities to improve the health of people suffering from a range of conditions.

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