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Always seek professionals for cosmetic dentistry, case highlights


Always get an appointment with a professional cosmetic dentistry practitioner. The importance of seeking out a properly qualified, accredited professional to carry out cosmetic dentistry has been highlighted by a case in the US which has resulted in thee men ending up in jail.

Michael Wai Jing Kwong from Ohio had been writing out fictitious prescriptions from his practice and had also been using the information of existing patients to obtain drugs without their knowledge.

He would then distribute oxycodone and hydrocone to his accomplices Jakob Kelly and Jason Thompson, who would sell them before the three shared the cash.

The scam went on between 2008 and 2010, with the trio most recently working at the Hudec Dental Associates in Brooklyn.

Dr Kwong has now been sentenced to three years in prison.

In September 2010, Vinisha Sharma, 37, was prosecuted for fraud in Birmingham after working as a dentist for nine years despite having no qualifications.

She was employed by the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust at one stage, where she carried out operations among other procedures.

Fraud cases remind patients to seek reputable cosmetic dentistry providers


Two men have been jailed for fraudulent cosmetic dentistry.Two new cases of fraud could prompt patients on the lookout for cosmetic dentistry treatment to ensure they seek the advice of a reputable practitioner.

Jaspal Singh Bachada and Ikhlaq Hussain from the West Midlands have both been found guilty of cheating patients out of thousands of pounds by pretending to be qualified private dentists when they were not.

The co-conspirators had also conned their bosses after fraudulently processing payments for dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Both were arrested after being caught trying to dispose of a van-load of patient records from the scam, which lasted two years.

Last week, Vinisha Sharma, 37, was told she is likely to face jail after working as a dentist for nine years despite having no qualifications.

She forged paperwork and got a series of jobs in top positions, resulting in her performing many complex procedures that could have endangered her patients.


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