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Has Katie Price reignited feud with Victoria  Beckham?


It was thought that the bad blood between former model Katie Price and popstar Victoria Beckham was laid to rest years ago but it seems that the newest addition to the Loose Women panel is not ready to let things go that quickly. Katie was filming the most recent episode of the ITV chat show when she decided to insult the fashion star, citing her teeth as the reason Victoria does not smile in photographs.

Katie was speaking to fellow panellist Gloria Hunniford, about the world’s most famous WAG, and when Gloria mentioned that she wasn’t impressed that the 42-year-old Spice Girl fails to smile whenever a camera is pointed in her direction Katie was quick to interject with an insult, saying ‘That’s because she has horrible teeth’, then adding quickly ‘I’m sorry but she does.’

In an effort to perhaps take the sting out of her words, the mother-of-five added that she had never been confident about her own smile as she broke her teeth in a skateboarding accident when she was younger. Although she admitted that she had to ‘just pout’ as part of her job as a glamour model, rather than smiling and revealing her teeth. Katie added that she likes her teeth now but only because she ‘paid enough for them.’


David Beckham snaps daughter Harper as she brushes her teeth


He is known to be a doting father and David Beckham is always posting cute pictures of his children on social media sites; his latest snap shows youngest child Harper brushing her teeth while wearing her very own Manchester Utd kit – complete with her own surname written across the back.

The picture shows the adorable 4-year-old leaning over the bathroom sink while standing on her tiptoes to reach the taps, the Man Utd shirt, with Beckhams name and number on the back, is clearly visible. Proud dad David added the caption ‘Teeth time a few hours ago and I walked in to tippy toes and the United strip plus a perfect platt does it get any cuter (sic).’

The cute photo, which was posted on Instagram, received over 565,000 likes and almost three thousand comments in just fourteen hours. The youngster even had the picture added onto her personal Instagram page, which currently has more than seventy thousand followers. Harper’s mother Victoria also regularly posts pictures of her daughter, with her most recent one showing the youngster in a tutu, with the caption ‘Mummy is so proud of her little ballerina.’


Victoria Beckham has not had Botox says skin doctor


According to her dermatologist, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has never used Botox or fillers to improve her appearance, although she has admitted to the use of cosmetic surgery in the past to boost her bust and then reduce it to a more natural size. The 39-year-olds skin specialist Dr Harold Lancer told The Daily Mail that the singer suffered with acne and skin blemishes when she was younger, but had improved her lifestyle and beauty regime over the years, to see an impressive change in her complexion.

Dr Lancer said ‘Victoria Beckham is a natural beauty. She’s an incredible health nut – she watches her diet, her exercise, she sort of leads an ideal healthy lifestyle.’

The mother-of-four recently revealed to Allure magazine that she gets up at 6am every day to run four miles, in order to keep herself in good shape, she also opened up about her skincare routine and talked about how happy she was when living in LA with her husband and four children.

Her dermatologist, who is based in Beverly Hills, when on to say that ‘She’s an example of how skincare products can be used to convince tissue to heal itself from outside in and the inside out. She suffered badly from acne but [her skin now] is totally self-resolved. She pays meticulous attention to product use and lifestyle. And I supervised all of it so I assure you nobody has touched her with any surgical implements of lasers. She’s an example of self-discipline.’

Women requesting foot fillers to wear high heels


With the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cheryl Cole tottering around in giant heels, it was only a matter to time before British women started to follow the trend, and just like their celebrity idols, they are investing in foot fillers – or ‘toe jobs’ – to make the experience more comfortable. Operations to inject dermal fillers into the toes, heels, and balls of the feet have doubled over the last year, according to leading surgeons in the UK.

It’s no coincidence that the rise in popularity comes as sales of six inch heels have quadrupled over the same twelve months, and designers are now considering adding another inch to their towering shoes to further improve sales. The treatment, which costs about £380, is thought to make wearing heels for long periods of time more bearable and should remain effective for up to six months.

Cosmetic surgery group Transform have seen the number of procedures increase by a fifth in the last month alone, and a spokesperson for the company commented that it was all due to women following celebrity fads, she said ‘With the likes of Victoria Beckham stepping out in towering stilettos, British women are emulating the look.’ The long term effects are yet to be confirmed, but as most types of dermal filler are made using hyaluronic acid, the chances of side-effects are minimal as the acid is absorbed and disperses into the body.

Is Victoria Beckham cosmetically enhanced?


Most people who were alive in the early nineties will remember a fresh-faced Posh Spice, who, as one fifth of the UK’s most successful girlband, became a household name – perhaps more for her style and appearance rather than her actual vocal talent. Now, eighteen years after exploding onto the pop scene, the stress of working and taking care of a family seems to have taken its toll on Victoria Beckham – according to the Daily Mail anyway.

The paper has been comparing the 37-year-old to her former Posh self, using an unflattering picture taken recently in New York as evidence for her sudden aging. Harley Street surgeon, Angelica Kavouri, suggested that the changes in her facial structure were due more to aging and lifestyle, and not extensive cosmetic enhancement, although she did comment that she might have turned to injections to keep herself looking fresh, ‘looking at the condition of her skin, I do think that Victoria has had Botox and skin treatments.’ Dr Kavouri went on to say ‘She has no crow’s feet or lines around her eyes, as you would expect in a woman in her late 30’s, so she may have had some Botox here to combat them.’

Victoria’s appearance is not uncommon for females in the public eye, the surgeon pointed out, adding that a lot of the problem was related to weight loss, ‘by staying so skinny, they lose a lot of volume in their face, which is why fillers have become so popular, to make the face look curvier, plumper and more youthful.’

Dental veneers ‘are the perfect solution to cosmetic flaws’


Dental veneers 'are the perfect solution to cosmetic flaws'People who are lacking in confidence due to cosmetic flaws with their teeth could consider having dental veneers fitted.

Customised to fit the teeth of the individual perfectly, the procedure offers the perfect smile with as little as two appointments with a practitioner.

Dental veneers can hide a number of the smile's imperfections including discolouration or gaps between the teeth, reports.

The procedure is also useful to resolve the problem of crooked teeth and misalignment, which may reduce people's confidence.

A number of celebrities have chosen to have dental veneers fitted in a bid to straighten their teeth and perfect their Hollywood smiles.

Cheryl Cole, who had a brace on her teeth for two years after winning Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, used the procedure to improve the appearance of her teeth.

The singer has also admitted to wearing an invisalign brace during the night to ensure the effects of the treatment are long lasting.

David Bowie, Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell are among the other celebrities with dental veneersADNFCR-2621-ID-800547964-ADNFCR

Cheryl Cole ‘has best WAG smile’


Cheryl Cole 'has best WAG smile'X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been voted the WAG with the best smile by the British public, taking more than 70 per cent of the votes, according to a recent survey.

The British Dental Health Foundation conducted the research alongside Oral-B and commented that treatments common among celebrities, such as teeth whitening and dental veneers, could also help people who suffer from a lack of confidence.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the organisation, said: “Tooth whitening is a relatively cheap and simple procedure and if the shade is chosen correctly, the results can look very natural and significantly improve a person’s appearance.”

However, he urged people to see a professional dentist rather than attempt to use over-the-counter products, which he described as rarely effective.

Victoria Beckham came out bottom in the poll, which asked 1,000 people to choose the best and worst smiles among the wives and girlfriends of football stars.

It was recently reported by the Grand Forks Herald that cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular among older jobseekers who hope improving their appearance will make securing work easier.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19827055-ADNFCR

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