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Plaque ‘an ongoing problem for many’


Many people continue to suffer from plaque.

Keeping on top of oral health is important, as even a small amount of plaque can be harmful to the teeth and gums, it has been argued.

According to US dentist Dr Ron Smith, even a small amount of plaque can be detrimental to oral health and could lead to the development of more serious conditions, such as gingivitis.

He told the Vancouver Sun: “Gingivitis can happen to anyone anywhere around the teeth. I’ve seen it at every age, even in two and three-year-olds.”

Elsewhere, Shyamsehkar Bikram Rana of the People’s Dental College & Hospital at Naya Bazaar recently told My Republica that overall health can be greatly impacted upon by a lack of oral hygiene.

Dr Rana argued that instances of coronary heart disease are more common in those individuals who do not maintain a good oral health routine and especially in those who suffer from gingivitis.

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