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Baby teeth ‘could boost dental implant effectiveness’


Older tooth loss sufferers could use baby teeth to boost bone strength.

People who plan to have dental implants fitted might be eager to learn that using familial baby teeth that contain stem cells is one way to build up layers of bone in a patient whose jaw would not be strong enough otherwise.

The Korea Times reported the similar DNA structure means that rejection should not be an issue and this procedure could therefore be particularly useful for older patients.

Professor Kim Young-kyun of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital said: “Using a family members’ tooth is effective because it does not cause the side effects stemming from genetic differences.

“Also, it can sustain the tooth implant longer and more effectively than artificial ingredients.”

Elsewhere, Vail Daily recently reported that dental implant procedures are less complicated than many people believe and could be a viable choice for many people who have suffered from tooth loss in the past.

Indeed, Vail Dental Health claimed the only prerequisites are a suitable site for the implant and having enough bone depth and strength in the jaw.

Woman has same false teeth for 61 years


New false teeth for 85-year-old woman.

A woman in Scotland has had the same set of false teeth for 61 years and has finally had a set of replacements fitted.

The Sun reported Jessie Nicholson, 85, had her original dentures fitted in 1949 and at the time she was told they were just a temporary set and that she should return in six months to have them replaced; however, she never did.

Albany Dental Clinic spokeswoman Donna Deacon said: “Jessie has been very lucky to have been able to wear the temporary set of false teeth for so long. 

“The fact any set of dentures has lasted 61 years is amazing.” 

Nowadays, a viable alternative to false teeth for many is the use of dental implants and Vail Daily recently reported that the procedure to put these dentistry devices in place is now very straightforward and can be virtually painless for many patients.

Vail Dental Health claimed once a person has decided to have the procedure carried out, it is simply a matter of choosing the right sites for the implants and ensuring there is adequate bone strength and depth.

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