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Singer gets orthodontic brace to treat spine problem


Singer with James, Tim Booth, has a dentist to thank for his recovery from a serious neck injury that caused him problems for several years. Booth injured his neck while on stage performing in the US in the late 90’s and had to get surgery; he had to wear a neck brace while top doctors tried to figure out what damage had been done and how it could be treated.

The singer told WENN that he was essentially ‘disabled’ for over two years and had to wear a neck brace on stage; he added that he ‘couldn’t carry a shopping bag.’ Booth ‘tried every specialist there was and nobody could fix it.’ Thankfully, he attended an appointment with a clever dentist who provided a brace for his jaw rather than his neck; this ‘changed the relationship’ between the spine and jaw, which cured the problem within a matter of hours. Booth said ‘I could do everything again. Remarkable work.’

The performer seemed very pleased with the results and said ‘it was the craziest thing. Now I can do anything again. I’m back to jumping into the audiences again and dancing like a lunatic.’ He added that his friends and family are incredulous when he tells them that a dentist rather than a doctor provided the breakthrough; ‘People can’t believe it. They’re like, ‘A dentist fixed your spine? You’re nuts.’

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Robin Wright admits to Botox use


Hollywood actress Robin Wright has admitted to using ‘sprinkles’ of Botox in an effort to fight the aging process, and the 47-year-old told The Telegraph that she uses the procedure just ‘to take the edge off.’ She told the publication that she undergoes the treatment twice a year, using just one unit to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Wright is currently starring in the award-winning US show House of Cards alongside Kevin Spacey. She told the paper in an interview that she was not ‘hiding anything’ about the cosmetic treatment she regularly undergoes, although she suggested that lots of people in Hollywood were not happy to disclose whether or not they had been dabbling in surgical procedures to remain youthful. The mother-of-two said that ‘Everybody does it. I suppose I can’t say ‘everybody’ because I don’t know for sure, but come on…’

She later added that ‘I think most women do 10 units (of Botox), but that freezes the face and you can’t move it.’

As well as starring in the second series of House of Cards, Wright has been getting some experience behind the camera, directing some of the episodes. She also revealed that a third series of the Netflix original show is planned and filming will begin soon.

FDA launches anti-smoking campaign for US teens


US health body the FDA, has launched a new campaign to combat teen smoking and avoid an imminent ‘human disaster’ that they have been warned about by the World Health Organisation. According to the organisation, cancer cases worldwide are expected to increase by 57% in the next two decades and more needs to be done to stop teenagers from taking up the habit.

According to a recent report by the Surgeon General fewer adults are smoking but the number of people under the age of 25 starting to smoke was up 1.9million from 2002 to 2012. The US federal government has stepped in to launch a national advertising campaign to fight the growth in teen smoking.

The director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products, Mitch Zeller, explained to CNN that the ad campaign will be aimed at 12-17 year olds who are at risk of taking up the habit. Mr Zeller said ‘They lead very chaotic and stressful lives. And they’re turning to cigarettes for all the wrong reasons; we have messages that can change that.’

The advertisements concentrate on the aesthetic aspects of smoking in an effort to appeal to the vanity of youth; giving examples of things like wrinkled skin and lost teeth that may come as a result of the unhealthy habit. Mr Zeller added that young people are more likely to pay attention to problems that might affect their appearance rather than lectures.

Ke$ha’s fans are not allowed to send their teeth to singer in rehab


American singer Ke$ha has made a name for herself as something of a ‘dental artist’ after she started to create designs using human teeth donated by her fans; after checking into rehab, the 26-year-old requested more donations to continue her art work at the facility, but the treatment centre has said that human remains are not allowed on the premises.

A few days after checking into rehab to get treatment for an eating disorder, a friend of the singer posted on her Twitter account that she was continuing to create pieces using her fans teeth, saying ‘Hey guys this is K’s friend again. She’s doing well and needs more of your teeth to make art with at the treatment center. She misses you J’ Ke$ha has been using the teeth to create jewellery, bandanas, and even bras.

However, the treatment facility was not too keen on the idea and asked fans not to bring anything onto the premises or to send teeth in the mail. A spokesperson for the centre told ‘We can’t accept human remains. There is always a risk it could be bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that’s real.’

Although Ke$ha might be disappointed by this she can take some comfort in the fact that her latest single ‘Timber’ – a collaboration with rapper Pitbull – is currently at number one in the US and hit the top spot in the UK a couple of weeks ago.

‘Breaking Bad’ writer admits that characters teeth were too perfect


Writer Vince Gilligan has received accolades for his work on hit US show Breaking Bad but he has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the one thing he would change is main character Jesse Pinkman’s dental condition. In a recent interview, the show’s creator admitted that he felt that actor Aaron Paul’s teeth were too perfect in the context of the characters journey; the 34-year-old plays drug addict Pinkman, who teams up with his former chemistry teacher to create methamphetamine.

Gilligan said that he wanted Jesse’s teeth to be ‘a little more realistic’, in relation to his personal situation; he added that the character ‘smoked a lot of meth, and that smoke eats the enamel right off the teeth.’ The writer also spoke about the number of physical altercations Jesse found himself in, saying ‘The poor kid got beat up two or three times a season, and his teeth were still absolutely perfect.’

However, Gilligan later back-tracked somewhat, saying that it might have spoiled things for the audience if Aaron Paul was fitted with a denture to give the impression that his teeth were rotten and damaged. He told the US publication ‘…on the other hand, Aaron is such a good-looking guy that maybe that counts as poetic license that we kept his teeth looking nice.’

Gilligan is currently working on Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, which is thought to be a prequel to the original show.

Cher Lloyd debuts dramatic dental transformation


Former X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd is continuing her onslaught of publicity in the US and she’s even gone so far as to alter her teeth to get that famous Hollywood smile that is so popular on the other side of the pond. The 20-year-old smiled widely for the cameras at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas last week, and showed off a brand new set of porcelain veneers that were noticeably larger and whiter than her natural teeth.

When the singer first appeared on UK TV screens in 2010, she had an obvious gap between her front two teeth, giving her a more individual look, but it seems that spending so much time among the rich and famous is LA has given her some insecurities about her appearance. She was interviewed by Alan Carr for More magazine in June last year and told the publication ‘I hate my teeth. I hate them, I look like a complete and utter rabbit.’ When she was quizzed about veneers she was against the idea, saying ‘Oh I dunno, they just look weird. Like Chloe’s from TOWIE. If she gets anything else done, she might as well stand up at Madame Tussauds.’

It seems the younger starlet has since changed her mind and decided to join the Hollywood trend by having her dental problems fixed using dental veneers rather than some form of orthodontics. The dental work has been done some time in the last six months, to coincide with the release of her debut album Sticks + Stones, which reached number nine in the US album charts.

Could a new nasal spray spell the end for dental injections?


A product created by scientists in America could mean dental patients don’t have to fear painful anaesthetic injections anymore; a nasal spray called Kovacaine Mist was found to be as effective as standard anaesthetics in four out of five patients tested, according to researchers at the University of Buffalo. This innovation could make treatment easier for the millions of Brits that suffer with a phobia of the dentist – which number around one in four, according to statistics from the British Dental Association.

The spray combines local anaesthetic tetracaine with oxymetazoline – a decongestant which reduces nasal swellings and lowers the risk of bleeding.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, commented that this could lead to positive changes when dealing with patients who don’t like injections, he said; ‘Patients anxious of the dentist are, in theory, likely to have poorer oral health than those who get regular check-ups. This nasal spray could be a very promising addition to any dental practice.’

The product has passed phase two of clinical trials in the US, and the manufacturers are hoping to complete safety tests with the Food and Drugs Administration by the end of the summer, with final product approval in the USA achieved next year at the earliest.

Fake Botox puts US patients at risk


Fraudulent versions of Allergan Inc brand Botox have been sold in the US, according to the Food and Drug administration; the FDA posted an alert on their website detailing the product and letting patients know that the outer carton is counterfeit, whilst the vial inside is foreign and not approved for sale in the United States.

The agency said ‘FDA cannot confirm that the manufacture, quality, and handling of these products follow U.S. standards.’ Allergan added that the illegally imported Botox could be of low quality and may put patient’s health at risk, as well as violating federal laws – authentic products are stored and transported by Allergan to strict specifications.

The FDA added that the fake Botox was being sold under the names ‘’ ‘Online Botox Pharmacy’ and ‘Onlinebotox’ and was actually being solicited by fax, rather than online – by offering prices below those of products approved by the FDA. As recently as last December, the FDA alerted over 350 medical practices to unapproved medication that came from a foreign supplier; now governing bodies in the US are looking to create a national set of standards for tracking prescription drugs through the distribution chain, in order to stop counterfeit or contaminated products from getting through to the public. They suggested new laws that would trace drugs either in lots or as individual packages.

Hangover star had tooth removed for role


Star of hit comedy The Hangover, has revealed that he had a tooth implant removed when he read in the script that his character would have a missing tooth. American actor Ed Helms, who plays Stu in the Hangover trilogy, confirmed that he had an implant taken out for filming and mentioned that it affected his speech to the point where he sounded inebriated on set.

The 39-year-old explained to The Hollywood Reporter that his character needed to have a lateral incisor missing to fit with the storyline but he also had to keep a full set of teeth for his day job, playing Andy Bernard on the US version of comedy TV show The Office. Ed said ‘(My dentist) made me a flipper with the false tooth on it that I could take in and out because I was still shooting The Office.’

Unfortunately the flipper had an unexpected effect, causing a slight slur in Ed’s speech, he told the magazine that he didn’t explain the situation to any of his colleagues because ‘they would lose their minds’, adding ‘I would show up for work (on The Office) with this appliance in my mouth, and it really affected my speech. If you watch those episodes, I sound drunk.’

The Hangover III is set for release at the end of May this year.

American woman loses her teeth after drinking too much tea


A woman in the US has lost all her teeth and been diagnosed with a rare bone condition after drinking 100 tea bag’s worth of tea every day for 17 years. The 47-year-old woman developed skeletal fluorosis after drinking a pitcher of tea made from 100 tea bags every day; it is thought that the fluoride levels in that amount of tea and water would easily be responsible for the disease.

The patient visited a doctor in Detroit, Michigan, after suffering pain and stiffness in her bones; it was discovered that she had very dense bone in her back and calcification in the ligaments of her arms, her teeth had also become so brittle that they all had to be extracted. After x-rays revealed the abnormally dense areas of bone in her vertebrae, the woman’s fluoride levels were tested and found to be four times higher than normal.

Fluoride is good for the teeth and can prevent cavities in small amounts, but when consumed at such a high level over a long period of time, it is not safe for general health. Experts recommend that water should not contain more than 4mg of fluoride; this patient had been consuming at least 20mg every day.

Skeletal fluorosis is not common in the UK but it can develop in countries where the fluoride deposits in the water supply are naturally greater, such as India. The woman is expected to make a full recovery after reducing her consumption.