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Louie Spence: I’m going to get Botox


Louie Spence wants Botox. Choreographer and TV personality Louie Spence has revealed he intends to have Botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines around his eyes.

The camp celebrity – who shot to fame after Sky One featured him in a reality series about Pineapple Dance Studios – told the Sun it’s important for him to look good now he is doing more work on the small screen.

“It would just be some baby Botox, to get rid of the lines around my eyes. Wrinkles aren’t a good look … Imagine what my lines will look like in HD,” he commented.

Spence is well-known for his fondness of red-carpet events and recently tried to gatecrash the GQ Awards.

However, he was welcomed at the TV Choice Awards, where he impressed onlookers with an unusual bow-tie and did jazz hands for the photographers.

The Sun also revealed earlier this month that Vanessa Feltz had opted for Botox treatment before she went into the Ultimate Big Brother house.

Vanessa Feltz: I’ve had Botox


Vanessa Feltz has had Botox.TV personality Vanessa Feltz has revealed that she treated herself to some Botox in order to look her best when she reentered the Big Brother House.

The 48-year-old is currently taking part in Ultimate Big Brother to mark the end of the reality TV series and, according to the Sun, had a little pampering work done first.

When Chantelle Houghton remarked it was nice to see a fresh face, Feltz quipped: “Oh it’s not – I have had my face pumped full of Botox before I came in here.”

Feltz, who has famously faced an ongoing battle with her weight, admitted to having a gastric band fitted in June after saying she was fed up of being the poster girl for larger ladies.

Last month, Liz McClarnon also said she had undergone Botox treatment, but in her armpits rather than her face.

The 29-year-old told This Morning it helps her with her excessive sweating.


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