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Jess Wright shares teeth whitening habits with The Telegraph


Jess Wright shares teeth whitening habits with The Telegraph

She is a regular member of the TOWIE cast and Essex-native Jessica Wright has decided that it’s time to share her beauty secrets with The Telegraph in an in-depth interview. She is well-known on the reality TV circuit for her love of makeup and beauty treatments, and the 30-year-old talks about her top tips to get the perfect TOWIE look.

Jess told the paper that she does not take a very long time to get ready and as well as wearing make-up she spends some time whitening her teeth with either a whitening pen or an LED light designed to bleach stains away from the enamel. Jess’s bright white smile is easily recognisable, as well as her highly contoured make-up and eye-catching hair styles.

When asked ‘What are you best at doing?’ Jess replied that she tries hard to choose the right lip shade to make her teeth shine bright as well as complimenting her skin tone and the rest of her make up choices. Her favourite colour is either a coral red or a bright coral shade; both of which would make the teeth look whiter. Jess adds that it is ‘so important’ for her to have a bright white smile that stands out and said that she is using a home whitening product that contains charcoal to whiten her teeth.


OK! Magazine questions; Has Gaz Beadle had Botox injections?



Almost all of his Geordie shore housemates have admitted they have either gone under the knife or had cosmetic injections to enhance their appearance but notorious lothario Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle has stayed quiet on the subject. Now OK! magazine is making claims that the 27-year-old has at least had some Botox injections, with plastic surgeons weighing in on the debate.

OK! Online spoke to Dr Kishan Raichura, from IGDP Dental in London, and Aesthetic Nurse Julie Brackenbury about the reality stars appearance. Julie noted that Gary’s forehead showed an unnatural shine which is ‘a classic tell-tale sign of Botox overuse’, as well as this, he showed signs of treatment around the eyes and to the eyebrows, which has changed their appearance ‘substantially.’ She went on to say that he might have opted for lip injections as well, which is apparently not uncommon in men as well as women these days.

Dr Kishan added that men usually visit the clinic to reduce signs of aging in these areas but most are not looking for a dramatic change, just natural results that make them look younger and less tired. The article also revealed professional opinions about the cosmetic work other reality stars may have undergone, such as Kirk Norcross of Towie fame, and TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neil.


Dr. Niall Hutchinson carries out all our Botox treatments. Due to his extensive experience in facial rejuvenation treatments Dr. Niall Hutchinson has successfully completed well over 3,000 anti-wrinkle treatments. He has also developed his techniques to the point of being painless with natural-looking results. For his anti-wrinkle treatments, he uses Azzalure (botulinum Type A manufactured by Ipsen). Niall also provides dermal filler treatments.


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Danniella Westbrook reveals she left the house to get teeth fixed


EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook has revealed that she actually left the Celebrity Big Brother house during her time on the show, in order to get her teeth fixed. Although contestants are supposed to remain in the house day and night, the actress decided she needed to visit the dentist as she was worried that her teeth might fall out on live television.

TV bosses allowed the 42-year-old to slip out of the house unnoticed by viewers in order to get her veneers and denture repaired after she became worried that she might have an infection. The TV actress was explaining why she got so upset about housemate Jeremy McConnell putting a dirty trainer underneath her pillow, when she mentioned that she was concerned about an infection developing right after she had her veneers fitted. She added that viewers did not get to see that and it may have caused her to come across badly.

Danniella had to get a denture fitted as well, to replace her back teeth after they were damaged in a car accident. She admitted that she ‘had sleepless nights’ crying over the condition of her teeth. She even appeared on an episode of Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies, talking about her dental treatments and painful implant surgery.


Has Sharon Osbourne had too much cosmetic treatment?


After she was spotted at the City of Hope 2015 Spirit of Life Gala a few weeks ago, Sharon Osbourne’s startled expression started to raise a few eyebrows of its own; the Daily Mail was quick to question the music mogul and TV judge as she was spotted alongside her daughter Kelly at the gala and her skin looked suspiciously smooth for a 63-year-old.

Although the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has made no secret of her love of Botox, Sharon may have overdone it with the anti-aging treatment, as the publication suggested that she may have had too much Botox injected – even asking whether she might have gone under the knife to get rid of the signs of aging. The mother-of-three said several years ago that she was no longer going to have any cosmetic treatment done because she didn’t like the way she looked in some photographs, admitting on US chat show The Talk that she was not going to get any more plastic surgery, saying ‘No more. No more abuse.’

However, it seems that the former X-Factor judge has gone back on her word and has decided to go back to her previous opinion that ‘Botox is one of the best things to be created in plastic surgery’, as stated on her own chat show back in 2006.

Kylie Jenner shows off new gold tooth in online video


She certainly isn’t shy around cameras and the new self-proclaimed ‘queen of the internet’ Kylie Jenner has been showing off for her fans on social media again; the 18-year-old posted a video of herself on Instagram revealing her toned stomach and flashing a new gold tooth for the camera. The youngest child of the Kardashian reality TV family suggested that the post was designed to encourage her followers to be body confident.

Wearing a casual outfit, Kylie showed her teeth during the film, with a gold tooth clearly visible – although it’s thought this is just a temporary cap for fashion purposes, rather than an actual dental crown.

The clip was posted on the social media site just days after older sister Kim claimed that her youngest sibling was stealing the limelight from her. The two were seen cosying up on the video posted on Kylie’s website. The 34-year-old complained that her teenage sister was replacing her while she was pregnant and she was seen asking Kylie ‘How do you feel that you have dethroned me?’ However, there didn’t seem to be any real animosity brewing, as the mother-to-be joked ‘I love it, I need some time off!’

Speculation rises about Amanda Holden’s youthful appearance


Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden is always impeccably turned out when she takes her seat on the panel for the reality TV show, but the mother-of-two has denied that she is using facial injections to fight the signs of aging any more. In the past, Amanda admitted that she used Botox to get rid of wrinkles; however, she is adamant that she gave up the treatment after the birth of her daughter Hollie, now three.

Although she maintains that her youthful appearance is thanks to facial treatments called Collagen Waves, experts have cast doubt on these claims. Stephen Handisides, of Harley Street Skin Clinic spoke to Now magazine about the changes in Amanda’s appearance. He told the publication that it’s likely the 44-year-old has had some Botox injections on her forehead as she has no wrinkles at all – which is unusual for someone of her age. He went on to say that ‘she has had some cheek volumisation with dermal fillers to plump up her cheeks and possibly a combination treatment with a thread lift that would give her more definition around the chin.’

A representative for the TV judge told the magazine that Amanda has been ‘really open’ about her cosmetic treatment and maintains that she no longer uses Botox or dermal fillers and she has not had a thread lift.


Dr. Niall Hutchinson carries out all our anti-ageing treatments. Due to his extensive experience in facial rejuvenation treatments Dr. Niall Hutchinson has successfully completed well over 3,000 anti-wrinkle treatments. He has also developed his techniques to the point of being painless with natural-looking results. For his anti-wrinkle treatments, he uses Azzalure (botulinum Type A manufactured by Ipsen). Niall also provides dermal filler treatments.


Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book a FREE Botox Consultation with Dr. Niall Hutchinson by calling us on 020 3613 3186 or emailing us or book an appointment online


TV contestant has previously been fined for illegal teeth whitening


A contestant on Channel 4 reality show The Island with Bear Grylls has previously been fined twice for providing teeth whitening without the necessary dental qualifications. Beautician Jaime Ross, 31, was a contestant on the hit show about people surviving on an uninhabited Pacific Island and she was fined £1,000 at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court last week after pleading guilty to practising dentistry while not a registered dentist.

The court heard that Ms Ross carried out the treatment at her salon on February 5th this year but she also pleaded guilty to the offence in March of last year, when she was fined £270 and ordered to pay £800 in costs. According to the law, it is illegal for dental whitening to be carried out by anyone who is not registered with the General Dental Council – which is typically dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, and clinical dental technicians.

Ms Ross seems to disagree with this change to the law and says she is going to set up an online petition to get the restrictions lifted so that she is allowed to provide teeth whitening from her salon. She said ‘I have nothing to hide but I do feel like I have been targeted by the dental council. I really want to start an e-petition to get the law changed back. For that, I need to get at least 100,000 signatures, which is a lot.’

TV’s ‘The Fixer’ says she is thinking about Botox


TV’s Alex Polizzi is well known for pulling no punches on her shows about improving floundering businesses and the 43-year-old is now looking at ways to make herself look better on screen as she turns her attention to the restaurant industry for her new show.

The Fixer, as she’s known on the BBC, says that watching herself on television has made her ‘realise the passage of time’ and wonder if she could benefit from some Botox injections. She said ‘I’m 43 and I can’t believe how much I’ve aged in the past few years – probably since I had my son. You think ‘Maybe I should start thinking about Botox.’

The famous hotelier added ‘In a very boring, female way, I’m quite obsessed with how I look but I’m under no illusions. I’m not on telly because I’m pretty; I’m on telly because I know what I’m talking about.’

Discussing her own viewing habits, Alex says she is not a fan of BBC hit show The Apprentice; she calls it ‘repulsive’ and ‘a parody’ because of the contestants who apply to take part in the programme. She also added ‘I’m amazed at how violent TV is these days so I love that half-hour of children’s TV I watch every day.’

Rita Ora records video of herself after wisdom teeth removal


People are probably more familiar with Rita Ora looking glamorous when she appears on screen, but the singer has released a video proving that she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to dental treatment. Rita, 24, posted an Instagram video of herself following her wisdom teeth removal and it has quickly gone viral, showing the TV judge looking far less polished than normal.

Rita speaks to the camera after the operation and appears groggy after coming round from anaesthetic. The singer is shown sitting in a chair with a blanket draped over her; the camera-person tells her she doesn’t have to talk as Rita slurs her words and struggles to speak. Her friend reassures her, saying ‘I don’t know what you are saying, but that’s ok.’

After posting the amusing video on her Instagram account, Rita added the caption ‘So I just took my wisdom teeth out and I think what I’m trying to say is chickens… oh god watching this back I don’t remember anything!!!!!’ She also added ‘straight to bed for me.’

Twitter was instantly inundated with posts from fans and followers, complementing Rita on the cute video and asking if she is feeling better following her treatment.

Apprentice winner talks about patient’s Botox and filler requests


After winning reality TV show The Apprentice in 2013, Leah Totton’s business has gone from strength to strength and she is now talking about the most popular treatments that patients are requesting at her Moorgate clinic.

Leah spoke to The Express about her business and said that Botox injections are by far the most popular form of cosmetic treatment that she provides; she added ‘I think Botox is a fantastic thing. It’s my favourite treatment to perform.’

The 26-year-old said that trends with facial treatments have changed in the past few decades, explaining that ‘it used to be about the trout pout with the chipmunk cheeks and frozen forehead. It wasn’t that aesthetically pleasing. But the industry has come on leaps and bounds. It’s about a new approach to the old treatments.’

According to Doctor Leah the look for 2015 is Keira Knightley’s lips; she says ‘It used to be Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian for lips every time. Kim became really, really popular for a while but now it’s lips like Keira Knightley. I’m seeing bigger lips requested less and less and the natural type pout – like Keira – requested more. This is a very recent trend, from about December.’

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