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TV show ‘Fake Britain’ exposes the dangers of illegal tooth whitening


The BBC’s morning television show, Fake Britain, have recently aired an episode of the show highlighting the extreme dangers of illegal tooth whitening, and exposing unqualified and unregulated practitioners. The show also looked into the dangers of unsafe or fake home whitening kits.

Teeth whitening has seen a major increase in industry growth over the last few years, with more and more people wanting to achieve a bright white smile. According to research figures, twenty-eight percent of people (one in four) would rather visit illegal beauticians or purchase potentially fake or unsafe home whitening kits than have the procedure performed by a trained dentist.

There are strict regulations attached to the industry that stipulate who can legally and safely perform teeth whitening procedures, therefore it is essential to visit a trained and qualified professional to avoid an array of potential side effects.

The BSDHT (British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy) have also expressed concern over the huge dangers associated with illegal tooth whitening. Their president, Michaela O’Neil, spoke of the dangerous side effects that these products can cause, such as, chemical burns, tooth loss, potential permanent scarring and, in some extreme cases, people have been known to find their breathing and eating severely affected. The BSDHT praised ‘Fake Britain’ for raising people’s awareness of just how dangerous fake products and illegal practises can be.



Katie Price arranges Botox treatment for women on her new reality show


She might be a fan of Botox treatment but the women on Katie Price’s new reality TV show are not necessarily in agreement; however, the TV presenter didn’t give them much of an option as she arranged for them to have the anti-wrinkle treatment live on air before her new show was filmed.

Ahead of the first episode of Katie Price’s Pony Club, the mother-of-five teams up with four women who also have children that enjoy horse riding and sets up a salon in her Sussex home for them to have Botox injections. The women – Jo, Dionne, Jane, and Louise were initially shocked when the former glamour model suggested they have the treatment done because they were ‘outdoor women’ and may appear ‘weathered’ but three of them took her up on the offer.

Katie, 38, had some work done herself, including eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping, but her friend Jane, who only recently met the Loose Women presenter, turned it down, saying she has never even had a spray tan before. Jane added ‘I am an outdoor girl, I don’t do pampering.’ The other mothers were not surprised and they described Jane as ‘so horsey’ that she will ‘struggle with the glamour side’ more than the other women in the group.


Alicia Douvall warns Chantelle Houghton to lay off lip fillers


She was recently pictured after having filler injections into her already swollen pout, and now Chantelle Houghton’s apparent addiction to the treatment has sparked concern among her fellow reality stars. Known for her own obsession with appearances, TV regular Alicia Douvall has warned the Celebrity Big Brother winner to reduce her lip filler treatment before she goes too far.

Chantelle has made no secret of the fact that she likes dermal lip injections, even posting a video of herself having the treatment done, but fans fear that the mother-of-one has taken it too far and should take a break from the plumping treatment.

Alicia spoke to Closer magazine about plastic surgery and explained that she would talk to Chantelle about the need for cosmetic treatment; she said that she would like to explain to Chantelle that surgery is not necessary to feel good about herself. Alicia added that it can be ‘a dangerous path’ once someone becomes addicted to this type of treatment and they start with smaller procedures before moving onto more extensive work.

An insider close to Chantelle said that the reality star was trying to cope with several ‘broken relationships’ and body issues by turning to cosmetic treatment. They added that Chantelle ‘has convinced herself that it’s the only way to boost her confidence and get her happy every after.’


Olivia Buckland denies having lip injections


Reality fans have questioned whether Love Island’s Olivia Buckland has had lip filler injections to enhance her pout, but the 22-year-old has assured all those asking that her lips are completely natural and she has not had filler treatment done recently, unlike many of her contemporaries in the world of reality TV.

Olivia admitted that she has had the treatment done in the past but not for eight months and she insists that her lips are natural and just ‘pouty’ on their own, without enhancement. She wrote on Instagram that she has not had any injections for some time and was unsure if she would have the treatment done again.

She also added on Twitter that she would tell all her online followers if she decided to have the procedure done again as she thinks ‘its nothing to be ashamed of!’ and she ‘wouldn’t lie’ if she did choose to have fillers done again. Offering advice to her fans, she said that some girls are getting the treatment when they don’t even need it, and they should avoid cosmetic work if it is unnecessary because most of the time their lips ‘aren’t even thin.’


Jodie Marsh hits back at TV presenter Holly Willoughby over This Morning appearance


Viewers were quick to call This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby ‘mean’ after she let guest Jodie Marsh go through an entire interview with dark red lipstick on her teeth and did not point it out to her. Some labelled it ‘bad girl code’ on social media sites while the interview was going on.

Now Jodie has spoken about the incident and said that she wants to ‘turn today into a positive rather than dwell on a negative’ in a video posted on YouTube. The former model said that ‘someone’ should have told her so that she could clean the lipstick off her teeth and save her some embarrassment. She also added ‘I definitely would have told someone I was interviewing but maybe that’s just me.’

Although she was embarrassed about the make-up faux pas, Jodie also complained that she was not given enough air time to talk about herself as she is now, with presenters Holly and Phillip instead focusing on her past and the person she was fifteen years ago, rather than who she is now. In closing, she added ‘I just wasn’t happy with how it went’.


Googlebox’s Scarlett Moffatt sparks rumours of addiction to lip fillers


More and more reality starlets are turning to lip injections in an effort to get the biggest pout in show business, and now we can add Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt to that list; the 25-year-old has recently admitted that she is slightly addicted to the treatment, mainly due to her insecurities and feelings of self-consciousness surrounding her appearance.

The former Beauty School Copout cast member told Now magazine that she has the lip plumping procedure done at least once a year and calls the treatment ‘addictive’. Speaking to the publication, she added that she has had the treatment done three times and blames her need for the injections on ‘another self-conscious thing’ even though she pledged not to ‘go mental with it’ and overdo the treatment completely. Scarlett went on to say that she tried using make-up to achieve the look she wanted but could not make it work because of a ‘dead shaky hand’ when applying lip liner.

However, recent pictures of the TV regular are unrecognisable compared to how she looked previously and fans, as well as social media sites, are wondering whether the young beautician has gone back on her work and taken it too far with the lip fillers.



Popstar Toyah Wilcox says British film companies don’t allow Botox 

Eighties superstar Toyah might be 58-years-old but she doesn’t let that slow her down and she will be back on our screens in a follow-up to cult classic Quadrophenia soon. In a recent interview she talks about the upcoming film and also mentions that British film companies won’t allow performers to have Botox injections – even insisting on a clause in their contracts.
In an interview with The Mirror, the pint-sized popstar admitted to having a facelift a decade ago after suffering cruel comments following an appearance on a TV chat show but she says she has not had Botox injections due to her work commitments. Toyah told the paper that it is ‘insisted’ upon by film companies so that actors and actresses are able to move their faces.
Despite the agreements companies make with performers, Toyah explains that some people still dabble with facial injections but have good quality work done so that no one can tell that there has been cosmetic work carried out. It seems that Toyah is put off by American performers who have had too much work done and can’t move their faces to form expressions.

Viewers are left stunned by young man’s terrible teeth on Channel 5 TV show


A young man participating on the Channel  5 show Never Been To A Doctor has left viewers stunned, and some ‘literally  hiding’ behind their duvets in attempts to avoid the horror of the 21-year-olds rotten teeth. The show allows people who are in desperate need of medical or dental treatment to access the care they need after years without visiting a medical professional.

The young man, known as Ben, admitted to being terrified of going to the dentist and had only ever been a few times in his life, which has led to his mouth becoming full of black and brown teeth, with several teeth missing along the top jaw. In addition, Ben told presenter Katie Piper that he had braces when he was younger but did not brush his teeth properly, leading to extensive tooth rot.

Viewers were stunned that the chef had allowed his teeth to reach this state of disrepair even with a debilitating fear of the dentist. After finally facing his fear, Ben was able to get the treatment he needed and had a denture fitted to replace the rotten teeth, as well as many hours of repair work on the damaged teeth he still had. Upon seeing the new teeth in the mirror Ben was very emotional and told Katie that this was ‘definitely a new beginning’ for him.


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Loose Women presenter Katie reveals Botox fears for children


After admitting that she encourages her husband Kieran to get Botox treatment, TV presenter Katie Price has explained that she doesn’t feel the same way about her young daughter and son getting cosmetic treatment when they are older. Katie, 37, told her fellow panellists that she would not be able to stop them but it would not be something she would encourage, despite her own penchant for the anti-wrinkle treatment.

Katie was asked by her co-presenters whether she would be open to daughter Princess, now eight, and son Junior, ten, having the cosmetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging, and she was hesitant about the idea but admitted that there would be no way to stop them if they reached the age of eighteen and decided they would like to try it.

Although she did add that she feels eighteen is ‘far too young’ to start with cosmetic injections, she pointed out that there is no way to control what an adult does and her children would be making their own choices at the age of eighteen.

The mother-of-five jokingly added that by the time the children reach her age, ‘you’ll probably have implants and everything in your face, the way things are going.’


Fans react with shock to Khloe Kardashians Instagram post



Khloe Kardashian has been feeding the rumour mill after posting a picture of herself looking distinctly different to her normal self; the reality TV star added a picture to her Instagram page that seemed to show that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. Although she has yet to comment on the rumours, the 31-year-old has not denied going under the knife or having Botox injections to keep her skin wrinkle-free.

Fans were quick to question whether the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star was actually real in the photograph or if it was a picture of a wax work. Many of Khloe’s 44million followers were disappointed that the reality TV personality chose to go so far with cosmetic procedure, in an effort to keep her face looking young.

This comes just days after Khloe spoke to Cosmopolitan about her love of cosmetic enhancements, saying that she doesn’t care if anyone has it done and referring to filler or Botox injections as ‘almost like make-up.’ She added that everyone ‘wears a mask’ every day with make-up and she does not differentiate between this and getting cosmetic treatment to change your face, saying ‘I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.’

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