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Cosmetic dentistry sector “constantly growing”


Cosmetic dentistry sector The popularity of cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers is "constantly growing", it has been reported.

According to Top News, more and more people are keen to improve the look of their teeth and are undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatment to give them a gleaming white smile.

Speaking to the source, cosmetic dentist Dr Paresh Patel said that in his clinic, the demand for teeth whitening and teeth improvement work is so high that he has started to write an online blog filled with information for curious patients.

"Not many patients fully understand implants, but the newly developed blog will help aid in educating them on all they need to know," he said.

As well as the US and the UK, cosmetic dentistry is on the rise in Romania, Top News pointed out. According to the website, some ten per cent of all dental procedures carried out in the country are cosmetic and the sector is set to grow by 17 per cent over the next couple of years.

Until their cosmetic dental treatment, women can make their teeth appear whiter by using red lipstick. According to Good Housekeeping, wearers with olive skin should wear orangey red, whereas people with pinker skin should try red lipsticks with a blue base.

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