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Possible breakthrough for toothache sufferers


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Possible breakthrough for toothache sufferersThe Irish News online has reported of a possible breakthrough for toothache sufferers. This innovative new technique could change the way that dentists perform root canal procedures on patient’s teeth. The new research, carried out by the OHSU in Oregon, USA, has developed the manufacture of new, fully functioning, blood vessels.

The issue with standard root canal practice is that the tooth is effectively dead due to the removal of the blood supply. This new technique could eliminate this problem, and therefore, keep the tooth alive. The new technique consists of using a process inspired by 3D printing. In effect, the technology can create functioning blood vessels that can then be implanted into the tooth.

One of the lead researchers on the trial, Bertassoni, explained. “This result proves that fabrication of artificial blood vessels can be a highly effective strategy for fully regenerating the function of teeth.”

Due to the new technique patients could see better long-term outcomes, whilst keeping a functional tooth. This could spell a major breakthrough for the dentistry world.


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Study shows an increased risk of heart disease from untreated tooth infections


The Journal of Dental Research has published new findings that suggest a link between untreated tooth infections and increased risk of heart disease. The findings show that people leaving infections untreated are around 2.7 times likelier to have heart related illnesses, such as, coronary artery disease as opposed to patients that have their infections treated.

It is estimated that coronary diseases contribute to around thirty percent of global deaths, which is making these findings a step in the right direction to lowering the risks. Based on the findings, the Oral Health Foundation have urged patients to attend regular dental appointments, especially if they are displaying symptoms such as, bleeding gums, sensitivity or toothache. The CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, was quoted as saying, “This research is very worrying as tooth infections are initially caused by tooth decay, which is triggered by poor oral hygiene routines and a diet high in sugar.”

Other research undertaken in the past has also linked issues with oral health to other serious conditions, which include, Alzheimer’s, complications in pregnancy and diabetes. The new findings just further concur the importance of good dental health and hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for overall health and wellbeing.




Saved By The Bell actor jailed over parole violation for taking painkiller for toothache



Former Saved By The Bell cast member Dustin Diamond was jailed after violating his parole by taking painkiller Oxycodone, supposedly to treat painful toothache.

It was reported by TMZ that the 39-year-old tested positive for the drug after a routine screening in May, and argued with his parole officer that he had taken it to try and deal with a bout of toothache, but did not know what kind of drug it was as the prescription was an old one.

Diamond was jailed for two days after testing positive for the painkiller, as parole services did not believe his story. He was previously found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon and spent three months in jail; he was paroled in April and spoke to his former cast mate Mario Lopez about his time spent behind bars in an interview for Extra.

Diamond called the experience ‘daunting’ and ‘scary’ but managed to get out ‘unscathed’ as he followed the rules and didn’t fight the system.



Elephant gets tooth extracted to deal with toothache


It’s not just humans that need some help with their dental health; sometimes the largest land mammals can develop tooth problems and need to see the dentist. An Asian dentist at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has had one of his enormous molars removed after developing toothache and a dental infection.

33-year-old Lucha was displaying a reduced appetite that caused her keepers some concern and when they looked inside her mouth they could see that the tooth had become infected. The head veterinarian, Nic Masters, surmised that an extraction would probably be needed and brought in Dr Peter Kertesz to carry out the treatment. He described the surgery, which was similar to that with a human tooth but obviously on a much larger scale. Nic said that, with Lucha fast asleep, the dentist managed to rock the tooth until it broke free, then extracted it completely.

Since the dental operation, Lucha has been recovering well, her appetite is back and she has been gaining weight as well, now that she is not plagued with toothache. Lucha is one of ten Asian elephants at the zoo and they are housed as part of the European Endangered Species Programme.


Scarborough woman resorts to DIY dentistry after dental treatment failed



A mum from Scarborough has lost two teeth after resorting to DIY dental work, following a trip to the dentist where treatment to deal with her toothache was unsuccessful. Leanne Vickers-Dransfield, 32, ended up unconscious on her bathroom floor after she burst an abscess that was causing her agonising pain.

Leanne went to the dentist in February to have two fillings replaced but felt that the treatment had not gone perfectly and she developed pain in her jaw, as well as swelling in her face. Her dentist referred her for an x-ray and then she was given anti-inflammatories to try and ease the swelling. However, the problems continued and she was sent to A&E after being told that she may have a dental abscess. She was sent home with stronger painkillers that still did not get rid of the pain and Leanne passed out on the bathroom floor at her home after deciding to take matters into her own hands.

The young mother has since lost two teeth as a result of the ordeal and she calls it ‘unacceptable’ that so many people are suffering similar problems because of flaws in the system. A spokesperson for NHS England called the situation ‘regrettable’ and said that they would be ‘working with the services involved to determine what happened in this case.’


Teen discovers her toothache is in fact a ‘gobstopper’-sized tumour


A teenager who developed toothache was told that the pain and swelling she experienced was in fact a rare tumour that had grown to the size of a gobstopper. Nadia Hobbs, 18, of Exeter, started to get toothache and believed that this was due to her wisdom tooth coming through. However, after further inspection she found a lump on her jaw line, which quickly grew in size. Doctors were initially baffled by the condition after tests were done on her glands to try and determine the problem.

Nadia was referred to A&E in terrible pain and finally a diagnosis was made; a rare form of cancer known as rhabdomyosarcoma had developed and the teenager would have to undergo seven rounds of chemotherapy to get rid of the tumour – it has now shrunk by 75%. Nadia thanks her mum for referring her to A&E after the pain worsened and says that she was given the diagnosis ‘sooner rather than later’. She added that the pain was similar to that of a wisdom tooth coming through, which meant she was referred to a dentist after visiting her GP.

After completing her treatment, the teenager said ‘I still don’t know what my future holds but I know I’m going to fight cancer every step of the way’ and she is now fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust, having raised £15,000 already.


Nursery worker suffers with strange condition that makes her teeth fall out when she sneezes



A woman from Milton Keynes has developed a mysterious condition that means parts of her teeth fall out when she sneezes. Linzi Grant, 18, suffers with toothache and painful gum abscesses and has even been hospitalised due to repeated dental infections.

Doctors now believe that Miss Grant’s type 1 diabetes may be causing the tooth weakness but Linzi is not convinced this is the reason for her dental problems and her healthcare providers don’t believe it is the case either.

She spoke to MailOnline about her ongoing issues and explained how she had been bullied and finds the situation ‘humiliating’. Dr Ben Atkins, trustee of the Oral Health Foundation suggested that Miss Grant’s diet was to blame for her dental decay and broken teeth; despite the fact she says she does not eat any sugar. Dr Atkins says that perhaps she does not realise the amount of sugar she is actually consuming and suggests that she has the badly decayed teeth removed to get rid of her toothache.

A spokesman for NHS England said that many people who have diabetes are susceptible to oral infections and this could be what is happening in Miss Grant’s case. He added that they are ‘working hard to find the best way to help the patient’. Miss Grant is now raising money to try and go private in order to find out what is wrong with her teeth.



Teenager wins pay-out after dentist failed to spot decay


A young patient from Manchester has received a £10,000 pay-out from her dentist after two of her teeth had to be removed due to the dentist missing the early signs of decay during repeat examinations. Matilda Bruchard, 16, of Whalley Range, had been visiting Dr Robert Pridding at the Wood and Wolfstein Dental Practice in Chorlton since she was five years old and developed dental problems at the age of nine.

Matilda visited the dentist after she developed extremely bad toothache but was sent home with toothpaste for sensitive teeth instead of being treated for tooth decay. After repeated visits to the dentist due to the pain, Matilda was finally given an x-ray which showed that one of her molars was very badly decayed.

Following the missed diagnosis, Matilda swapped to another dentist and her two back molars had to be extracted as they could not be saved. She told the Manchester Evening News ‘I’m really conscious of… when I laugh because it shows off the holes at the back of my mouth.’ She added that it was ‘horrible’ to think that this could have been avoided with an early diagnosis.

Dr Pridding commented that he was ‘pleased’ with the settlement and wished Matilda well with her future dental treatment, adding ‘I always strive to provide the best possible care for my patients.’


Ayrshire dentist saves the day after bride develops toothache


A bride who had to leave her reception due to serious toothache had a Hurlford dentist to thank for saving her big day; Stacey Rodgers, 35, of Darvel in Ayrshire, was forced to abandon her guests and head to the dentist after she woke up on the morning of her wedding day with painful toothache. She spoke to the Express about the experience and said that she was ‘in agony’ from her tooth when she woke up on the wedding day.

Stacey managed to get through the ceremony but at the reception she was ‘unable to eat a thing’ and she told her new husband Brian, 33, that she could not continue. After it was announced that the bride was struggling with toothache, her nephew Lewis managed to get in touch with his father Ritchie, a dentist, via Facebook. Ritchie Robertson, owner of Hurlford Dental Practice, was happy to help and Stacey arrived at the surgery almost straight away.

The new bride thanked the dentist who saved the day and said that he was ‘brilliant’ after Ritchie quickly diagnosed the problem and managed to reduce the discomfort so that she could get back to her guests and ‘dance the night away.’ Mr Robertson said ‘I was more than happy to help Stacey in her hour of need and she was certainly the most glamorous patient I have ever treated in my 25 years as a dentist.’

Julie Walters has problem with tooth whitening


Actress Julie Walters was left with toothache after trying to whiten her teeth following years of drinking green tea every day; the 64-year-old British star said that bleaching her teeth was painful and she had to stop after a few days. Julie tried the dental treatment after drinking green tea every day for twenty years left her with badly stained teeth.

The actress said ‘I drink tea and quite honestly if you drink tea all your life, which I’ve drunk now for nearly 20 years, your teeth do begin to look a bit like wood.’ She added that her dentist gave her something to whiten her teeth with at home but she thought ‘I can’t do this anymore – it’s too painful.’

Julie also went on to say that she does not want to move to Hollywood because of the way women are always trying to look younger. She told The Times ‘I’m not putting down anybody who has [cosmetic surgery], I just quite like to think I can grow old and that’s fine. If people don’t like me because I have wrinkles then I don’t particularly want to be with them either.’

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