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TOWIE newcomer could be in trouble for teeth whitening


New The Only Way Is Essex cast member Grace Andrews has slipped seamlessly into the new season of the reality show, with her fake tan, false eyelashes, and layers of make-up, but the Essex beauty could find herself in trouble with authorities if she is found to be taking part in teeth whitening treatments – as Twitter suggests.

It was recently made illegal for anyone who is not a qualified dental professional to carry out the cosmetic treatment and if Grace has been providing the procedure she may find herself on the wrong side of the law. Anyone found to be carrying out tooth whitening without GDC (General Dental Council) regulation could face prosecution.

It has been alleged that Grace has been working as a teeth whitener at the Costa Smiles Teeth Whitening Salon in Hertford, who did not help their case by announcing on social networking site Twitter that Grace would be running sessions on the 25th of February, then she followed up by tweeting about her experience later on. The Costa salon was confronted on Twitter by professional dentists but refused to admit any liability, also tweeting the next day that they would be hiring a qualified dentist to work with them.

Although she did not confirm or deny the suggestions, Grace may have put her foot in it by tweeting ‘mums teeth are looking nice and bright’, giving the impression that she was at the salon to take part in tooth whitening treatments.

Research suggests women want Botox for Valentine’s Day


Instead of the more traditional flowers and chocolates, the modern woman wants to celebrate St Valentines this year with something a little different; when asked what they would prefer as a gift on the romantic day, 78% of women said they would like Botox injections.

The research suggested that women would be ‘impressed’ if their partner arranged the treatment for them, whereas 7% said they would take it as an insult. Although, many men are doing their best to avoid upsetting the woman in their lives; apparently the number one question men are asking about Valentine’s Day presents is ‘Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a Valentine’s Day gift without offending her?’

As well as Botox injections, the study revealed that dermal fillers and tooth whitening treatments are also popular choices.

A spokesperson for Good Surgeon Guide, the company that carried out the study, said that ‘While our general opinion is that gifting cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments is not a good idea, it cannot erase the fact that people still feel compelled to give and receive them. We recommend that men who choose to give cosmetic treatments for Valentines’ must understand how the gift may make their partner feel, especially if it’s a surprise.’

‘If at all possible, it’s best to speak with their partner about the treatment and make sure it is something they want.’

Illegal tooth whitening case reopened


A Lancaster woman had had her case reopened after she was prosecuted for illegally whitening teeth and fined nearly £3,500. Hayley Wilding, 25, failed to attend her hearing at Lancaster Magistrates court but was found guilty in her abscess of unlawfully practising dentistry and carrying on the business of dentistry during her time working at Vanity Salon in Lancaster, last year. However, Ms Wilding was apparently unaware that the General Dental Council was taking legal action against her, as she had moved house and was not receiving any of the letters from the court; which means that the case has been reopened.

Ms Wilding maintains that she thought she had completed a legally certified tooth whitening training course and had only realised that there was a court case addressing her after reading about it in the paper. She told the Lancaster Guardian; ‘I’ve been in to sign a document at the court saying I didn’t know anything about it and they have put it on hold. I’ve been doing teeth whitening since last February, after I did a three-day course with a company down in Cardiff. It cost me £400.’

The beautician said that she had been reassured that the whitening was not being carried out with peroxide-based products, so it was legal, and she added that she found the rules ‘confusing’. She went on to say that she feels ‘stupid and embarrassed’ and ‘like a criminal.’

The General Dental Council released a statement saying; ‘If you want to carry out tooth whitening, either by yourself or as a business, you must qualify as a dentist, dental therapist or a dental hygienist.’

Woman found guilty of providing illegal tooth whitening


A woman from Lancashire has been ordered to pay out almost £3,500 after she was found to be providing teeth whitening illegally at a beauty salon in Lancaster. Hayley Wilding, 25, failed to attend the hearing at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court but was found guilty in her absence of unlawfully practicing dentistry at Vanity Salon, in Ullswater Road.

The General Dental Council (GDC) launched proceedings against Ms Wilding last year and she was this week fined £900 for the first charge, as well as £450 for continuing the offence in late June of 2013. Magistrates ordered her to pay £135 victim surcharge and full court costs of £1,862 to the GDC.

Ms Wilding was found guilty because only dentists, dental hygienists, and dental therapists are allowed to perform whitening treatment. A spokesperson for the GDC said ‘We are committed to protecting the public by bringing cases of illegal practice to court.

According to the Lancashire Evening Post, Ms Wilding has now left the business but the manager of Vanity Salon, Leanne McClements, said that she was unaware of the law; ‘She had a certificate to say she had done a tooth whitening course, but [to provide this treatment[… you have to be a dental technician or a dentist. We were totally unaware of this and I was totally unaware she was being prosecuted.’ Ms McClements also added that the salon does not provide teeth whitening anymore.

Harmful tooth-whitening could leave millions of teeth at risk


Around 20 million people in the UK are leaving themselves open to potentially harmful tooth-whitening procedures by visiting providers who are not trained to carry out quality treatments, or purchasing home whitening kits over the internet. Experts recommend that only dental professionals carry out this sort of treatment.

A new survey has revealed that one in four people would chose staff at a beauty kiosk or a beauticians, rather than going to a dental clinic for the procedure – the same proportion of those asked were also under the impression that beauticians have the right qualifications to carry out tooth whitening, which is actually illegal as of October 31st last year. Under the European Council directive, whitening products that contain between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide can only be sold or used by registered dental professionals.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the British Dental Foundation said that ‘There is no doubt tooth whitening is becoming more popular due to the sheer number of places you can now have it done. There is also no doubt a vast number of these are operating illegally and pose a significant health risk.’ He also added that beauticians and kiosk workers do not have ‘the correct training, qualifications or the expertise required’ and the poor quality products used could leave the patient with permanently damaged teeth. Finally, he urged consumers to get in touch with the National Dental Helpline to get answers to any questions they might have, saying ‘If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, there are now clear guidelines for everyone to follow when it comes to the procedure. It must be done in a dental practice.’

Teeth whitening trader jailed for selling unsafe products


Only a short while ago it was announced that tooth whitening should only be carried out by trained professionals and that anything else could be a danger to the patient’s health; as a result, a teeth whitening trader has now been given a jail sentence as part of a crackdown on unsafe practices and hazardous products.

Barrington Armstrong-Thorpe, 64, was jailed for sixteen months after selling whitening products containing peroxide levels of up to 100 times the legal limit. Essex Trading Standards prosecuted the trader for breach of the Cosmetic Product Regulations Act 2008 and for misleading consumers; he denied any offence but was found guilty by a jury and sentenced this week.

Armstrong-Thorpe began selling the dangerous whitening products in 2005 through a company called Smile Brighter Marketing Limited and later through online retailers. The legal limit for hydrogen peroxide content is 0.1% but some of the online products sold by Mr Armstrong-Thorpe where found to be 103 times that limit, which could seriously damage tooth enamel.

Kevin Bentley, the council’s cabinet member in charge of trading standards said that ‘This conviction should act as a warning to other traders that may be trying to make money by selling these illegal goods. It should also be a reminder to our residents to only purchase goods like this from a reputable source.’

British Dental Health Foundation welcomes change to laws on tooth whitening


A new law has been passed to make it safer for consumers to undergo teeth whitening treatments, putting an end to illegal practitioners and untrained individuals providing similar services. The British Dental Health Foundation has welcomed the news that the European Council has ruled that whitening products containing or releasing between 0.1 and 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide can only be sold to a registered dental professional working from a clinic or surgery. This ruling should make the treatment process much more effective and improve safety standards substantially.

Dr Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation says that any type of bleaching carried out by beauticians could be dangerous to the health of the patient, adding that the procedure is often performed by individuals with no formal qualifications. The whitening gels used could also contain a much higher level of hydrogen peroxide, which can be bad for the teeth.

Dr Carter added that the treatments ‘may be cheaper but this comes at a real risk and a possibility of permanent damage to teeth and gums. Under the new law, our safety will no longer be jeopardised by illegal tooth whitening that can often leave lasting damage. By firmly outlawing tooth-whitening treatments carried out in beauty salons and whitening kiosks, we are no longer left confused by who can carry out the procedure. If you want your teeth whitened, you must now visit a dental practice.’

Former rugby star opens cosmetic clinic


St Helens winger Anthony Stewart has swapped the rugby pitch for rather more serene surroundings, by opening up his own cosmetic clinic in Billinge. The Cosmetic Body Clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments, such as teeth whitening, Botox, semi-permanent make-up and natural skin peels, with discounted prices starting at £69 for tooth whitening.

The 32-year-old sportsman scored 56 dries during his rugby career and was a regular for The Saints from 1996 to 2004; he also represented Lancashire and played for Ireland. Anthony reasoned that rugby careers can often be fleeting, and he decided to turn his hand to the cosmetic industry, rather than facing early retirement. He was anxious to point out that the prices at The Cosmetic Body Clinic were affordable for customers from all walks of life, saying ‘Treatments… such as laser hair removal are quite expensive. The machines we have are more advanced and powerful, and are far cheaper.’

Referring to his former team mates, Anthony also added that they had been ‘supportive’ and some were taking advantage of the perks of knowing the boss, ‘A few have been in for a hot stone massage, ‘ he said, ‘and their wives have had their teeth whitened.’ The rugby star is no stranger to pampering himself now he’s off the field either, he said; ‘I have had a few things done myself, such as the teeth whitening, and my wife Dawn is trying to get me to have a skin peel, which I am thinking of doing, but I won’t use the slimming machine.’

Teeth whitening is ‘fastest growing cosmetic industry’


Teeth whitening is 'fastest growing cosmetic industry' Teeth whitening treatment has been named the fastest growing cosmetic industry by dental experts.

Statistics from the Association of Cosmetic Tooth Whitening reveal that the popularity of the procedure has risen ten per cent year on year, the Press and Journal reports.

Dental professionals have noted a significant shift in the numbers of people attending appointments for cosmetic reasons as opposed to medical in recent years.

This comes after the General Dental Council called for tougher regulations for unqualified practitioners performing tooth whitening procedures.

Cosmetic dentist Dr Jonathan Wu said: "A good dentist will find out how white you'd like your teeth and then check the health of your teeth and gums, so potential problems can be predicted."

National Smile Month, which got underway yesterday (May 15th), aims to educate people about the importance of good oral hygiene.

The scheme, which runs until June 15th, offers advice on healthy eating and effective methods of tooth care to people who are conscious about their smile. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800534403-ADNFCR

General Dental Council calls for tougher controls on teeth whitening


General Dental Council calls for tougher controls on teeth whiteningStrict regulations should be placed upon teeth whitening practitioners to ensure patient safety, the General Dental Council (GDC) has claimed.

Calling for tougher controls, the organisation has put forward proposals to ensure those performing the procedure are appropriately trained, BBC News reports.

This comes after an increase in the number of people choosing to undergo the treatment in high streets and shopping centres in a bid to save money.

Chief executive of the GDC Evlynne Gilvarry warned people contemplating having their teeth whitened that the procedure should be carried out in a clean and hygienic environment by a professional.

She said: "Over the last few years we have received hundreds of complaints from the public and dental professionals about poor tooth whitening."

Meanwhile, the popularity of teeth whitening procedures in America has been highlighted after figures from the American Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed £1.4 billion (£846 million) is spent on the procedure annually, Stylecaster reports.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800519902-ADNFCR

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