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Emergency dentistry to remove teeth ‘may be necessary in some cases’


Severe tooth decay and improper dentition are just two reasons why teeth may need to be removed.There are many reasons why emergency dentistry may be required in order to carry out tooth extraction.

An expert at pointed out that improper dentition, correction of the bite, inability to restore the tooth and severe tooth decay are just a few reasons why a tooth may have to be removed.

"Tooth may be extracted also if there is acute and severe development of inflammation around the tooth structure, leading to intoxication and being dangerous for human life and health," the writer added.

Following emergency dentistry to cover tooth extraction, the expert advises patients to refrain from eating and drinking for up to three hours, as well as cutting back from smoking over that period too.

People who have lost teeth in the past have been told that a denture or a fixed bridge are the most common treatments for curing the issue, according to the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide.

Irish case proves emergency dentistry should be left to professionals


Don't try emergency dentistry at home.An unusual court case in Ireland has proven that emergency dentistry should only be carried out by professionals.

James Reddin, 47, from Meenaladdy was arrested this month after the Gardai had to be called to his home, the Donegal Democrat reports.

He had called for an ambulance up to 30 times, but each time a crew arrived, he refused to be seen.

When Garda Denise Casserly eventually arrived, she found Mr Reddin had been attempting to perform emergency dentistry on himself with pliers.

"We eventually got him to Glenties Garda Station and called a doctor, who told us he believed Mr Reddin had extracted a number of his own teeth that day," she commented.

The court heard the defendant had been under the influence of alcohol on the day in question.

Tooth extraction should never be attempted at home, as this could do significant harm.

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide points out that a qualified dentist will apply local anaesthetic to prevent pain, as well as using an elevator to avoid damage to the surrounding socket.


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