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Horror over painless extraction method


Swiss dental surgeons have developed a system that claims to be a painless way of extracting teeth. Many people have a fear of the dentist, and for some this new procedure has amplified their concerns more so.

The Benex Extraction System is a fairly new development in dentistry, however despite claims that the procedure is ‘painless’, it has got some people recoiling in horror, after watching clips posted on Facebook last month. Some described the footage as gruesome, after it clocked up one hundred and twenty thousand views in one month. One woman wrote, “Good lord I can only imagine the pain. I don’t want nothing sweet no more ever. This makes me want to brush my teeth every other hour.”

The procedure involves the dentist making an incision at the top of the tooth to allow the root to be loosened using specialised equipment, this is followed by a diamond drill that creates a hole inside the root. The dental surgeon then places an extraction screw into the newly created hole, which is attached to a clamp and used to lever the root out of its socket.

Although this procedure has been tried and tested in other parts of the world, it has been acknowledged that the British public have concerns. British Dental association professor, Damien Walmsley, issued a statement of reassurance, saying that if anyone had watched any footage and were worried about a tooth extraction they should discuss this with their dentist first.



US woman wakes up after wisdom tooth surgery believing she is in Scotland


The mother of a woman who underwent wisdom tooth removal has posted a video of the aftermath online, after her daughter heard a Scottish accent and, under the influence of general anaesthetic, became convinced that she was in Scotland, even though she was in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The woman, Kelsie Kopicki, was coming round from her tooth extraction surgery and despite reassurances that she was still in the US she remained adamant that she was in fact in Scotland after hearing her Scottish boyfriend Liam speaking in a North Ayrshire accent. Liam, 25, can be heard chuckling behind the camera as his confused girlfriend tries to figure out why she has been given treatment in Scotland. Kelsie, 21, speaks to her mother through the camera, apologising for getting the treatment done so far away from home and says she ‘didn’t even know’ what was going on at the time.

Kelsie seems confused about her partners Scottish accent, insisting that they are still in Scotland, where the pair recently visited for a holiday. Even though Liam tries to reassure her that they are back in America, she continues to apologise to her mother for not telling her she was leaving the country. Kelsie’s mother Maria posted the video online because she thinks it is ‘hilarious’ and called Liam ‘a fine young man’ for the way he has cared for her daughter post-surgery.


Roberto Firmino reveals that his talent caused his dentist to become his agent


Bundesliga player Roberto Firmino has been speaking to the Liverpool Echo about his work ethic and how his talent inspired his dentist to leave the dental industry and become his agent as his career took off.

There are talks of the 24-year-old transferring from Germany to play for Liverpool for a whopping £29million and it might be surprising to many people, but not the young player’s agent, who was formerly his dentist. According to sources, Marcellus Portella swapped fillings and tooth extractions for the glamour of professional football after deciding that the 15-year-old Roberto Firmino was going to be a star. Portella was a dental surgeon at Firmino’s local club Clube de Regatas Brasil when he spotted the teenagers potential and decided to throw away his dental tools and become his agent.

Firmino was asked about the story and he laughs ‘it’s true’, adding that Portella was ‘a dentist but he no longer is.’ He explains ‘After he spotted me he became an agent.’ Portella seems to be doing well for his client as the young player is currently winning over Liverpool fans and played in the Capital One Cup Final last weekend at Wembley.


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Adding fluoride to water could save the NHS millions of pounds


New research has suggested that adding fluoride to drinking water could save the NHS millions of pounds that is currently being spent on dental treatment, as well as improving the health of the nations teeth. In areas of the country where the mineral was added to the water, the number of people admitted to the dentist for a tooth extraction halved in comparison to areas without untreated water.

The latest study, which has been published in the Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, found that there were no adverse effects on children’s health, despite the supposed risks – which include brain impairment, liver and kidney disease, and bone disorders. Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said that fluoridation is vital in the fight against decay which is currently ravaging the teeth of children in the UK. He said that ‘this new research reinforces what we have known for a long time regarding the benefits that fluoride can have on children’s teeth, while also emphasising the fact that fluoridation has no negative impact on general health.’

Dental health problems are known to be prevalent in areas of deprivation and the authors of the study have suggested that adding fluoride to the water could help children who are ‘less likely to practice good oral hygiene and access dental services for routine care.’

The NHS currently spends £30million on dental care for children, mainly extractions of rotten teeth; fluoridation could reduce decay, strengthen the teeth and make them more resistant to bacteria, saving healthcare providers millions of pounds in treatment.

Justin Bieber gets wisdom teeth taken out


His millions of fans worldwide are waiting on his every tweet and popstar Justin Bieber isn’t about to let them down; the Canadian singer has even been keeping his followers updated about his dental treatment, posting pictures before and tweeting afterwards about his wisdom tooth removal. The treatment can be slightly more difficult than a routine tooth extraction because of the size and position of wisdom teeth, so patients often have to be sedated or may be put under general anaesthetic in difficult cases.

Bieber was filmed at the dentists last week just before being put under anaesthetic for the procedure and he posted the video online for his fans to see. In the short film, the popstar is heard telling the cameraman, a dentist office documenter, that he is ‘about to go under’ to have his teeth extracted, adding ‘They’re giving me drugs. Probably gonna feel it.’ A short while later, the singer was filmed looking cheerful, if slightly dazed, just before the procedure is due to begin. He captioned the video ‘GOT MY WISDOM teeth out and haven’t slept!!’

After the anaesthetic apparently wore off, the popstar was feeling slightly less cheerful, stating on Twitter ‘Got the wisdom teeth pulled. No fun. Glad it’s over. Going back to sleep. Goodnight.’

Cooling face mask developed to help tackle dental pain


A new chilled face mask has been developed to help reduce toothache following a wisdom tooth extraction; the product, based on the same cooling technology designed to ease the pain of arthritis, has gone to clinical trials and patients will have to wear it for an hour after having a wisdom tooth removed.

The mask, called Hilotherm mask is supposed to narrow blood vessels and limit blood flow to damaged areas of tissue, which reduces inflammation, swelling and discomfort. The product is currently on trial at King’s College Hospital NHS Trust has tubes running through it that keep the temperature steady and prevent the blood vessels from widening again, as it has been suggested they do if the temperature drops below 15c. The mask is designed to be placed on the patients face straight after a wisdom tooth has been taken out and it could help to boost healing rates as well as reducing pain.

The British Dental Association’s scientific adviser, Professor Damien Walmsley, commented that ‘we look forward to the results of the trial – if positive it will be of great benefits to patients. The treatment also has the advantage of being a relatively low cost approach to a common problem in healthcare.’

Videos of wisdom tooth removal go viral


Videos of patients reacting to pain relief after wisdom tooth surgery are becoming increasingly common online and the latest example has gone viral after an American teenager who never used bad language before in his life started swearing as he recovered from the use of laughing gas. A YouTube user uploaded the video of her son Cameron reacting after his wisdom teeth were removed.

Cameron appeared to be recovering from the use of laughing gas and his mother filmed him shouting out a range of expletives after the procedure was completed; the teenager could be seen with cotton pads in his mouth to stem the bleeding following the tooth extraction. After telling his mother that he was hungry he continued swearing until she told him to ‘stop cussing.’

Although he doesn’t seem to know what is going on, Cameron managed a smile for the cameras as his grandmother helped him out of the car and into his house. Cameron’s mother admitted that she found the video ‘hilarious’ and added that, despite his age, she had never heard her son swear before but when he underwent the dental surgery ‘boy, did he bring it all out!’

Several other similar videos have recently been uploaded and the different reactions to sedation and laughing gas have even made it onto news reports in America as they go viral.

Lennon tooth sells for almost £20,000



A rotten tooth that once belonged to legendary musician John Lennon has been sold for £19,000 at an auction that took place in Stockport over the weekend. The Omega Auction House in Greater Manchester had listed the tooth’s reserve price at £10,000, apparently underestimating the demand for Beatles memorabilia from fans all over the world.

Canadian dentist Michael Zuk was the lucky winner of the decaying extracted molar, placing the winning bid by telephone in the final moments of the auction. 49-year-old Michael, from Alberta, described himself as ‘buzzing’ after winning the tooth, telling the BBC, ‘Once I heard it was up for sale, I had to have it. Some people will think it’s gross; other will be fascinated by it. Most people would say I was crazy, but I think it’s fantastic’.

Michael – whose credits include a book on celebrity teeth – said that he would be displaying the famous tooth in a glass case at his dental practice. Lennon’s tooth was originally passed on to his house keeper after it was removed during the sixties. Auctioneer, Paul Fairweather, described it as ‘the most weird and wonderful item’ they had ever had for sale at the auction house. He went on to say that the bidding was a tense affair, but the watching crowd gave a huge cheer when the gavel finally fell.

John Lennon’s tooth up for auction


A molar removed from the mouth of John Lennon in the sixties is set to go up for auction, with a predicted sale price of around £30,000.The tooth is the ultimate collectors item for any fan of the fab four, and was passed on to Lennon’s housekeeper, Dot Jarlett, after it was extracted because it was decaying. Dot’s son, Barry, explained that Lennon had brought the extracted tooth home from the dentist wrapped in paper and asked Dot to throw it away, before adding ‘As your daughter’s a Beatles fan, you can give it to her as a souvenir.’ He went on to say that his sister has kept the tooth safe all these years and that ‘It is something that we felt was very personal.’

Barry praised the late Beatle for the generosity he showed to his mother, saying ‘He treated her like family, because he didn’t really have a very big family and he really looked after my mum, he used to call her Aunty Dot.’ Dot has previously sold several of Lennon’s belongings, including the jacket he wore for the cover picture of ‘Rubber Soul.’

The fifty-year-old molar comes with a signed document of authenticity, and will be opened to bidders on the 5th of November in Stockport. Bets placed with Ladbrokes show that the current predicted price is a little over £30,000. Ladbrokes spokesperson, Alex Donohue, was confident that the tooth would peak buyers interest, saying ‘We’re convinced bidders are going to get their teeth stuck into this lot.’

Oral health news: Singapore dentists call for tougher regulations


Oral health news: Singapore dentists call for tougher regulationsPeople wishing to avoid emergency dentistry could be interested to hear dental experts in Singapore are calling for tougher regulations to ensure fair practice.

According to TodayOnline, the National Dental Centre (NDC) is working to introduce stricter guidelines for oral health professionals.

Calls for legislation changes come after dental surgeon Debbie Hong Pooi Mun was prosecuted for the incorrect removal of two healthy teeth.

The incident occurred as a result of problems with administration, as the patient's referral slip had been attached to the wrong contact details.

Private dentist Dr Irene Chua urged dental practitioners to ensure contact details and information are correctly stored.

She said: "When we get a card we have to identify if this is really the patient we are seeing and the mouth must match what is depicted on the card."

Bupa UK advises people to ensure they inform their emergency dentist of any pre-existing medical conditions before undergoing a tooth extraction. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800563834-ADNFCR

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