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Drinking energy drinks ‘could lead to emergency dentistry’


Drinking energy drinks 'could lead to emergency dentistry'People who consume energy drinks regularly could be increasing the risk of needing emergency dentistry.

Damaging acid, often found in sugary sports drinks, can weaken protective enamel and leave teeth unprotected against bacteria, WFAA reports.

Dr Linda Niessen told the news provider: "Your teeth are crystals, just like rocks.

"You know you erode rocks from water and rain; you can erode the teeth from these acidic drinks."

A break down in tooth enamel may also lead to sensitivity, which can cause pain and further damage to sufferers, she suggested?

This can also be caused when gums recede and dentin, the sensitive layer beneath the enamel, is left uncovered.

Drinking water rather than sugary drinks during a workout will not harm teeth but help to keep the body hydrated.

Advise website eHow Food warned that even sugar-free versions of energy drinks can contain high levels of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or Acesulfame potassium. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800526005-ADNFCR

Zoom teeth whitening ‘is safe and could strengthen enamel’


Could Zoom teeth whitening be for you?   Zoom teeth whitening has been recommended for people who want to achieve a brighter smile in a safe manner.

Dental Health magazine said clinical tests have shown that not only is the system effective, but it could also help to strengthen tooth enamel as a result of the micro-elements it uses.

Each Zoom session lasts for around 15 minutes and uses a special gel to bleach the surface of each tooth along with a fluorescent light.

It should not be painful and any sensitivity ends after around a day, although people who have had the treatment should avoid things like tea, coffee, curry and ketchup for 48 hours, the portal said.

Dentist Dr Sultan Sherzoy recently recommended Zoom teeth whitening as a way of giving people back their confidence, even after many years of suffering with a discoloured smile.

"There is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile," the expert commented.

Cheddar cheese ‘is a good emergency dentistry prevention aid’


Cheddar cheese might help in the battle against emergency dentistry.Eating a small piece of Cheddar cheese after consuming sugary food could help in terms of emergency dentistry prevention.

This is the advice of Dr Vida Kolahi, who told the Guardian that cheese is alkali and so will neutralise acids that could otherwise strip away tooth enamel.

She explained that Cheddar is the most effective because of its texture, while softer cheeses such as brie and feta will not have much of an effect.

"Of course eating cheese is no substitute for good brushing but as an aid it can help to bring immediate results," Dr Kolahi remarked.

The expert also recommended drinking a glass of water after each meal, as this will wash away potentially damaging sugar and acids which can cause decay.

Other foods which could help with emergency dentistry prevention are strawberries and lettuce, thanks to their high water content, according to a recent article on OneIndia.

People with eroding tooth enamel ‘must seek emergency dentistry’


Emergency dentistry will be necessary if tooth enamel is worn away.Anyone who notices that the enamel on their teeth is wearing away must seek emergency dentistry.

This is the advice of professionals from Soft Touch Dental Care in the US, who pointed out that it is this layer that protects the insides of the teeth from wear and tear.

When it is worn away, it cannot be replaced and could lead to tooth decay.

"Eroding tooth enamel must be treated as quickly as possible by a skilled dentist to protect the life of your tooth," the experts commented.

To prevent enamel from wearing away in the first place, Soft Touch recommended promoting saliva production by drinking plenty of water, checking teeth for damage and discolouration regularly and avoiding sugar where possible.

The International Dental Health Foundation states that you may notice erosion of tooth enamel through hollows in the teeth, exposure of the darker-coloured dentine underneath or sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Using teeth as tools ‘could result in emergency dentistry’


You could need emergency dentistry if you keep opening jars and bottles with your teeth.  Using teeth for purposes other than chewing could cause a need for emergency dentistry later in life.

Community magazine spoke to dentists in Texas, who said they have seen plenty of cases involving chipped or broken teeth that have arisen from acts such as trying to open jars using the mouth.

The publication reported that even ripping open bags or cutting tape with teeth could cause damage and recommended using scissors instead.

"As long as you use your teeth for their intended purpose and don't abuse them, you will be able to keep your teeth working well for a long time," it commented.

People who use their teeth to hold objects such as pins were also warned that they could eventually develop a gap that only invisible braces and other dental implements can close.

Swimmers may wish to take extra precautions to avoid emergency dentistry after Louise Chidlow from the British Dental Health Foundation told the Daily Mail that the chlorine in water could eventually strip tooth enamel.

Tips offered to stop black tea neutralising teeth whitening efforts


Measures including teeth whitening could stop black tea affecting teeth.  Anyone who likes to keep their teeth pearly and white with teeth whitening may have had their plans thwarted if they have ever drunk black tea.

Doctors Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz told the Idaho Stateman that the tannin in the drink can stain smiles because it clings to tooth enamel.

To prevent this, they recommended swirling some water around in the mouth after every cup of black tea to rinse away the tannin, or brushing thoroughly.

"Floss daily to remove plaque, which acts like a stain magnet, darkening teeth around the edges," they also said.

For people who already have staining, Dr Roizen and Dr Oz said it may be a good idea to speak to a dentist about teeth whitening treatments.

Although black tea may not be good for teeth, recent research from the University of Rochester suggested that wine and cranberries may be, as they contain substances that fight bacteria which could otherwise lead to decay.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800285294-ADNFCR

Cranberries and wine ‘could help in battle against emergency dentistry’


Could wine and cranberries stop you from needing emergency dentistry?Shoppers may want to stock up on wine and cranberries this Christmas after it was found that they could both help in the battle against emergency dentistry.

According to scientists at the University of Rochester, both contain substances that can fight against the bacteria Streptococcus mutans.

This can attach itself to the sugar left on teeth after meals and eat away at the tooth enamel, eventually resulting in decay and possibly even emergency dentistry.

However, it can be beaten and neutralised by cranberries washed down with a glass of vino.

Dr Hyun Koo, one of the lead researchers, said: "Natural substances offer tremendous possibilities for stopping tooth decay."

For maximum benefits, they should be consumed alone rather than added to sugary desserts and sauces.

In August 2010, the British Dental Health Foundation also recommended drinking water or milk after a meal to prevent bad bacteria clinging to and then attacking teeth.

Teeth whitening ‘should always be done by experts’


The damage done by bad teeth whitening may not be repairable. Anyone hoping to have teeth whitening treatment should always visit a qualified professional in order to have it done.

Dr Ian Erasmus, president of the South African Dental Association, said that a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures are now available through beauty therapists, but warned that if they are not done properly, they can cause "irreparable damage".

He added that it is the possibility of over-bleaching that is likely to cause the most damage, with tooth enamel particularly at threat.

Dr Erasmus recommended going to a professional instead of opting for a cheap treatment, as this will ensure the teeth turn "a considerably brighter natural colour" without glowing in the dark.

Earlier this month, AME Info quoted Dr Edward Lynch from Warwick University as saying that the technology behind teeth whitening has come on in leaps and bounds over the past decade, resulting in better, safer outcomes for patients.


George Michael’s prison shopping list reveals tooth whitening products


George Michael uses teeth whitening products.The list of items bought by George Michael while he was in prison has been found to include teeth whitening products.

Michael was recently released after spending 27 days in jail for possession of cannabis and driving under the influence of drugs.

The Daily Star has discovered that he seemed keen to keep looking good while he was incarcerated, purchasing tooth whitening toothpaste, toenail clippers and shampoo from the shop.

However, he may also have been risking needing emergency dentistry at some point in the future by comfort eating snacks like peanut butter, chocolate eclairs and HobNobs.

The former Wham! singer may be interested to learn that an oral health expert recently recommended professional teeth whitening treatments over toothpaste that is supposed to make their teeth brighter. reported that the chemicals in such pastes could actually wear down tooth enamel and make them look dull as opposed to buffing them up.

Teeth whitening ‘could help with career success’


Teeth whitening could affect career prospects.Teeth whitening treatment could help a person’s career prospects, according to a new survey.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) carried out a poll and found that 99.7 per cent of adults think a smile is a vital social asset.

While 96 per cent said they believe it can make a person more appealing to the opposite sex, 74 per cent opined that an imperfect smile could hinder someone’s chances of landing a good job.

When asked what they would most like to improve about their own smile, the majority of respondents said they would like whiter teeth.

The AACD said that although many DIY teeth whitening kits are available, treatments administered by a proper dentist remain the safest and most effective.

This follows a number of warnings about teeth whitening kits, with consumer organisation Which? recently saying they can cause burns to the mouth and damage to tooth enamel.

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