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Wolfsburg footballer suffers tooth loss on the pitch during game



A champion’s league match between Real Madrid and Wolfsburg finished 2-0 to the German team but it ended in disaster for a Portugal international as he faces dental work to replace a tooth lost on the pitch. Video of the injury has shown the tooth flying out of 30-year-old Vieirinha’s mouth as he fell to the ground after a clash with midfielder Toni Kroos.

The video was posted on Twitter and clearly shows a close-up of the collision, which lead to the Portuguese winger suffering an elbow in the mouth from the Real Madrid midfielder. He falls to the floor and immediately can be seen spitting his tooth out onto the pitch. OneFootball, who posted the video, added the caption ‘Damn! Looks like Vieirinha won a trip to the dentist!’ along with a sad face. Kroos appeared unhurt and did not require medical treatment.

Despite the wingers bad luck, his team did much better overall, with a 2-0 victory over the Spanish team, which consisted of a goal from the spot at 18 minutes after Casemiro brought down Wolfsburg’s Andre Schurrle, and a follow-up goal just seven minutes later as Maximillian Arnold converted a cross from Bruno Henrique.


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