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Ke$ha’s fans are not allowed to send their teeth to singer in rehab


American singer Ke$ha has made a name for herself as something of a ‘dental artist’ after she started to create designs using human teeth donated by her fans; after checking into rehab, the 26-year-old requested more donations to continue her art work at the facility, but the treatment centre has said that human remains are not allowed on the premises.

A few days after checking into rehab to get treatment for an eating disorder, a friend of the singer posted on her Twitter account that she was continuing to create pieces using her fans teeth, saying ‘Hey guys this is K’s friend again. She’s doing well and needs more of your teeth to make art with at the treatment center. She misses you J’ Ke$ha has been using the teeth to create jewellery, bandanas, and even bras.

However, the treatment facility was not too keen on the idea and asked fans not to bring anything onto the premises or to send teeth in the mail. A spokesperson for the centre told ‘We can’t accept human remains. There is always a risk it could be bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that’s real.’

Although Ke$ha might be disappointed by this she can take some comfort in the fact that her latest single ‘Timber’ – a collaboration with rapper Pitbull – is currently at number one in the US and hit the top spot in the UK a couple of weeks ago.

LeAnn Rimes sues her dentist claiming he has ruined her career


Overlooking the drama that is a consistent feature in her personal life, country singer LeAnn Rimes has controversially decided to blame a recent career slump on her dentist and the work she has had done to improve her teeth. According to documents obtained by gossip site TMZ, the 30-year-old visited Dr Duane C McKay several times in a three year period to get upper front veneers and crowns in an effort to ease jaw pain and make her teeth more even. However, the legal papers state that Rimes was left in terrible pain and struggled to continue with her day job as a result of the dental work.

The singer also claims that much of the treatment was painful and lengthy, including nine root canal fillings, a bone grafting procedure, a temporary bridge, and physical therapy. The lawsuit claims that Rimes will have a ‘permanent cosmetic deficiency’ as a result of Dr McKay’s efforts and the pain has prevented her from performing live, which she says has seriously affected her working life. The country star is seeking unspecified damages for physical, psychiatric, and emotional injuries, as well as loss of earnings, both past and future.

Rimes has often taken to her Twitter account to complain to fans about her dental problems, saying at one point that the work was ‘Nothing major just annoying’ and adding later ‘Pain pain go away!!!!!! When it’s mouth pain and jaw pain it makes your whole head pound!’

Gossip Girl star wins lawsuit against mother


American actress Leighton Meester, best known for her role as Blair Waldorf in US TV show Gossip Girl, has today won a law suit against her mother, confirming that Constance Meester spent thousands of dollars on hair extensions, plastic surgery, and Botox injections, when the money should have been used to pay for medical treatment for the star’s younger brother Alexander, who has multiple health problems.

26-year-old Leighton sent $7,500 to the family home every month to help with her brother’s medical expenses, but her mother decided this would be better spent on anti-aging injections and other cosmetic enhancements – she even argued that her daughter had agreed to pay give her $10,000 a month to keep herself looking youthful. The judge was not impressed by Constance Meester’s defence, and according to gossip website TMZ, believed that there had been no such agreement between the two.

Constance, who gave birth to her daughter while on remand for drug smuggling charges, initially counter-sued claiming that her support of Leighton’s acting career had been at the expense of her own happiness; she demanded $3 million in damages but later told her lawyers to drop the case. For her part, Leighton has said she will not be seeking compensation, maintaining that she just wants her mother out of her life for good. A source told RadarOnline last year that Leighton was ‘disgusted by her mother’ and wanted her brother to come and live with her in New York.

Leighton Meester ‘sues mother over Botox’


Leighton Meester 'sues mother over Botox'Hollywood actress Leighton Meester is suing her mother for using money meant for her little brother to purchase Botox treatment, it has been revealed.

According to TMZ, the Gossip Girl starlet filed a lawsuit against Constance Meester for spending the payments on a range of cosmetic procedures.

The stunning brunette, 25, had sent $7,500 (£4,590) per month to cover medical costs for younger brother Lex, who suffers from severe medical issues.

However, the lawsuit reportedly states Constance purchased plastic surgery, hair extensions and the anti-wrinkle injection instead.

In addition, the document claims that Meester's mother attempted to convince her daughter she had agreed to an oral contract requiring a $10,000 monthly payment.

The talented actress rose to fame with roles in a number of different US television programmes until she was signed up to Gossip Girl in 2007.

She is currently filming I Hate You, Dad alongside Adam Sandler and Thelma and Louise star Susan Sarandon. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800633934-ADNFCR

Lindsay Lohan’s dad gets Botox


Michael Lohan has had Botox.Lindsay Lohan's dad has had Botox treatment on his face, it has been revealed.

The father of the Hollywood starlet – who fell out with her at one time but now seems to be back in her good books – took a camera crew with him to film him and his girlfriend having the procedure.

According to, the pair both seemed to be pleased with the results of the Botox injections, which were carried out by Dr Michael Persky in Los Angeles.

Lohan had been talking about changing his image in front of the press, but he did not mention having Botox in order to do so!

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan had to have emergency dentistry to remove some teeth that were giving her pain last month, stated.

A source close to the actress said she had been forced to have them removed, but was being brave and shunning painkillers afterwards.

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