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Tooth tattoos take off as a new dental trend


Tooth tattoos have been around for twenty years but they have only just taken off as an emerging trend; many people are getting pictures of their favourite cartoon character or football team permanently tattooed onto their dental crown. This treatment cannot be carried out on healthy teeth but it is becoming very popular with patients who require dental restorations.

A dental stain tattoo costs between $75 (£44) and $200 (£118) at the Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield, Connecticut; the process involves applying the design to a crown in an oven where it is fired at 212 degrees. Dentist Steven Landman, who provides the treatment, even has his own tooth art; a drawing that was done by his daughter of her and her two brothers. He has also done everything from band logos to patient signatures over the past decade.

One satisfied customers, Tim Miller, spoke to WFSB after he had a shamrock tattooed onto his tooth as a tribute to his wife’s Irish heritage. He said ‘I thought about tattoos in the past but let’s face it, everyone has a tattoo and it’s no longer cool or unique. So that’s why I went ahead and got the tooth.’

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